Taapsee Pannu’s Fitness And Diet Secrets

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    Taapsee just revealed that she literally lives to eat and that it has been hard for her to control her diet. Here are some fitness and diet tips Taapsee follows to keep herself fit:

    • She drinks about a litre of warm water first thing in the morning along with nuts that help keep her skin healthy.
    • What follows is a cupful of green tea and cucumber or celery juice to make the body alkaline.
    • Taapsee believes that one must eat small portions of food whenever you are hungry.
    • She doesn’t believe in consuming protein shakes at all. Rather you could load up on oatmeal bars or dry fruit bars whenever you are hungry in between your meals.
    • Taapsee doesn’t prefer eating dinner after 8:00 pm and if by any chance she has to, she ensures consuming only soups as they are easily digestible. Metabolism of the body at night is extremely low, which is why one must avoid eating during this time.
    • Try avoiding gluten and replace it with bajra or rice flour.
    • Include one cheat meal in a week; however, it should be in a limit.

    • As a pre-workout drink, Taapsee generally prefers drinking coconut water. Avoid supplements and protein shakes.
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    • Supplement your diet with a good workout regime. Workout can be in the form of exercise, playing an outdoor sport or just walking. She just loves playing squash.
    • There are no shortcuts to losing weight. It will take months to show results but they will be long lasting. Fad diets may look like ideal shortcuts, but have a short life.
    • Taapsee believes that one should accept their body type. Not everybody should run after getting a petite body, instead nurture and take care of the body.
    • Regular detoxification is necessary; it helps flush out all the toxins from the body.
    • Don’t starve yourself; instead one must know what their body really needs and feed it well.
    • Well, Taapsee has given us quite the fitness goals already and some major inspiration to the younger generation to keep fit and healthy.
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