What is pilates? 7 Reasons to Love Pilates!

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    Pilates is a form of low-impact exercise that aims to strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility. Pilates moves tend to target the core, although the exercises work other areas of your body as well. You can do Pilates with or without equipment.

    1.It tones your muscles

    Mature woman practicing pilates on trapeze table in pilates gym
    While people often say Pilates leaves you with “long, lean muscles,” technically all muscle is lean mass. But the workout does strengthen and stretch your limbs in one go.

    2. It gives you a rock-solid core

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    Women in the fitness center
    Probably the most well-known Pilates move is all about abs. But exercises that target your tummy are hardly the only reason it’s a dynamo core workout. Most Pilates moves require you to keep proper alignment and challenge your stability to stay balanced, which helps fire up your midsection. In fact, after just 12 weeks of a Pilates routine, a majority of people saw improvement in the core strength.
    Young woman in reformer fitness exercise
    No wonder Pilates has been a favorite of dancers for decades. The workout is about strengthening and stretching—It comes with a major muscle-loosening payoff. After only eight weeks of a Pilates routine, people can see the improved flexibility in their body.

    4. It improves your posture

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    Woman With Bodysuit Exercising on Pilates Machine
    A big focus of the workout is maintaining good alignment and balance as you slowly move through all the exercises. So it makes sense that doing a mat or reformer routine on the reg will help you sit and stand tall the rest of the time too. A strong back, glutes, and abs won’t just look good but are key for nailing perfect posture.

    5. It might ease your aches

    Woman and personal trainer using pilates reformer
    Pilates helps relieve chronic back pain. It can help relieve lower-back pain, partially because it adds support to your core. A regular routine can also help prevent future injuries by improving your flexibility and mobility.

    6. It counts as cardio

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    Young sporty attractive woman practicing yoga, doing Donkey Kick exercise in front of her laptop
    Cardio while lying on your back? All right, it might not pack the same punch as running intervals, but Pilates does include a dose of cardiovascular exercise.
    7. It might help you lose weight
    Female Athlete Working Out With Rubber Band In Gym

    Pilates continued for three times a week for eight weeks can result in weight  loss and inches in their waist.

    -Photos by Jonathan Colon

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