Sushmita Sen – Sexy 40.


“There’s ALWAYS strength, it just sometimes lies deeper than we think,” she proclaims


Workout routines for most people tend to change by age—the older they get, the lesser they start to push their bodies, with the fear that they aren’t capable of being as tough as they used to be. At a statuesque 5’ 7”, Sushmita Sen is a hard figure to miss—and that’s before you factor in her illustrious legacy as the first title holder of Miss Universe (in 1994), and many blockbusters besides. Now, at 42, her inner achiever has her regularly kicking butt in the gym with a take-no-prisoners workout regimen, and she has the razor-cut abs to show for it.

Her fitness secrets

Fitness SecretsSushmita believes in working out regularly. She is too serious and strict when it comes to workout schedules that she never skips on her sessions.

Fitness SecretsShe uses a Power Plate to exercise every alternate day. In addition to this, she puts in an hour of Pilates each day as well. She also performs cardio and crunches to tone her body well.

Fitness SecretsApart from this, the actress indulges in yoga and pranayama. She also prefers to go to bed early, to keep her body supple and relaxed.

Her diet plan

Diet plan

Sushmita Sen begins every day with a hot cup of ginger tea. For breakfast, she eats 3 egg whites and a bowl of porridge. She washes it all down with a glass of vegetable juice.

Diet plan

For a snack at 10 am, she munches on almonds and drinks a cup of coffee. And when it comes to lunch, she eats rice and dal, along with vegetable curry or meat.

Diet plan

After lunch, she consumes fruits. For her evening snack, she likes to eat either upma or idlis, with another cup of coffee.

And that, folks, was what this model-turned-actress does to look so very gorgeous each time she steps out of the house.