Special healthy Modak recipes for Ganesh Festival

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    Modaks are a traditional delicacy being prepared in Maharashtra for hundreds of years. Must-have sweet dish during one of the most prominent Indian festival, Ganesh utsav (Ganesh Chaturthi), which is a 10-days festival celebrated by Hindu believers all around the world.

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    We thought why not add a healthy touch to our modaks so that you can cast your weight worries away. Here are a few healthy recipes for modaks that you can eat without worrying about your weight.

    1. Beetroot Modak

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    Get the goodness of beetroot in your modaks. A beetroot can help reduce blood sugar levels and cholesterol, is good for anemia, protects you from cancer, and has many more benefits. In addition, you can also get the benefits of vitamin C from the orange in this recipe. Here’s how you can incorporate these essentials by following the delectable beetroot modak recipe.

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    a. Orange rind as per taste

    b. Ghee as per taste

    c. Salt and oil to taste

    d. Water

    e. 2 bowls of rice flour

    f. Pink food color (optional)

    g. 1 cup beetroot


    Grate the beetroot and add sugar as per your taste. Boil a cup of water with a teaspoon of oil and a pinch of salt. Once boiled, add the 2bowls of rice flour and mix continuously to attain dough of thick consistency. Cool the dough on a plate. Make little round balls and press in the middle to form a hollow. Add in the beetroot filling, close the sides of the modak and taper it to achieve the traditional shape. Steam it for 5-10 minutes and top it with a blob of melted ghee infused with orange zest.

    2. Dry Fruits Modak



    Just like dry fruits and nuts in your yogurt, pasta, and salad, you can add dry fruits and nuts to the regular modak recipe. Nuts like cashews and almonds help improve body weight and heart issues while dry fruits can provide you potassium, fiber, antioxidants, and other phytochemicals. So follow this healthy yet lip-smacking dry fruits modak recipe and amp up your regular modaks this season. There is no sugar in this recipe, so it is healthy for diabetic patients as well.


    a. 1 teaspoon powdered cardamom

    b. 1 teaspoon of roasted poppy seeds or desiccated coconut

    c. 2 cups of deseeded dates (soft ones preferred)/2 cups of dried figs

    d. Raisins, hazelnuts, or cashew nuts for stuffing

    e. 1 cup of cashew nuts, almonds, and pistachios


    Grind the dates. Chop a cup of dry fruits and roast them in a pan on a low flame. Mix the coarsely ground dates with cardamom and the roasted dry fruits. Put this mixture in a modak mold and add a hazelnut or a raisin in the center. Make sure to grease all the molds. Garnish using roasted poppy seeds or desiccated coconut.

    So as you roll up your sleeves to make the perfect modak this season give it a healthy twist and treat everyone with the blessing of good health.

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