Sound Therapy: Healing Therapy

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    Music can lift your mood, get you moving, and improve your health. When you compare the calming sound of trickling water to the unrelenting noise of a jackhammer at work, you get to realize some sounds simply make us feel better than others.

    Whether your conscious mind is paying attention or not, your body takes cues from sounds and rhythms to either get energized or slow down accordingly. Sound therapists believe that your body contains energy frequencies in varying degrees. As you listen to music, sound therapy deconstructs it into pure sound, thereby having a significant effect on your emotions.

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    How Sound Therapy Helps You Heal

    A sound therapy treatment is both passive and participatory in nature. When you listen to any appealing sound, you tend to relax by laying back and slowing your breath.

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    You begin to have a passive experience in this way as you prepare yourself to receive more sounds. The participation aspect comes in when you’re in this place of stillness.

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    To put things into perspective, you become more open and aware of each sound that comes in. Here are a few healing effects that sound therapy is known to have on our body.

    1. Provides Relief from Stress

    Stress is an inevitable part of our modern lifestyle. Sound therapy induces positive emotions and relaxation. Studies have concluded that sound therapy was successful in reducing feelings of stress as well as aiding in the relief of numerous diseases.

    2. Helps Cope With Anxiety

    Sound therapy helps you cope with symptoms of anxiety, agitation, and the ill-effects of sedative drugs.

    3. Works As A Natural Healer

    Vibroacoustic technology, a part of sound therapy, uses audible sound vibrations. An external vibration like a sound can have an internal influence on our body. These musical vibrations are in tune with our human vibrations. Studies found that these vibrations could have a profound healing effect on our body. It also facilitates communication and balance between our mind and body.

    4. Provides A Cure For Tinnitus

    Tinnitus is also known as the perception of sound or noise. Patients suffering from tinnitus usually hear clicking, buzzing, or ringing in one or both ears. In this treatment, an external sound wave is used as a management tool.


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