Rujuta Diwekar, A Nutritionist, Explains Why Sabudana Is A Superfood For Women

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    Rujuta Diwekar, a celebrity nutritionist, has compiled a list of reasons why sabudana is regarded as a superfood for women. It aids in the promotion of health and the regulation of hormone-related issues.

    Recently, there has been a lot of buzz around the term “superfood.” Nuts, unusual veggies, and other kitchen ingredients that we previously ignored have suddenly risen to prominence in our diet. And, while we adapt to these new developments and change our lifestyles on a daily basis, the fundamental question is: is it all worth it?

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    Rujuta Diwekar, a celebrity dietician, responds with a resounding “Yes,” and she even explains how. She isn’t talking about a fancy name or an unattainable thing when she says “superfood.” It’s as simple as our daily meals and has a long list of proven health advantages, particularly for women. It’s none other than sabudana, a vrat favourite. The “quintessential upavas delicacy,” according to Rujuta, is sabudana, and here’s what she has to say about these ultra-beneficial tapioca pearls.


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    Rujuta and her colleagues have taken the initiative to talk about superfoods that are especially helpful for women on the occasion of Women’s Day, which is observed every year on March 8th.

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    Rujuta and her colleagues have taken the lead in promoting superfoods that are particularly helpful to women. She explains how soga can help with health and hormones in her post. Here are some of the sabudana benefits she mentioned, ranging from how it can aid in a variety of ways to the recommended dose for women:

    Builds appetite 

    Sabudana khichdi can help to stimulate appetite, excite taste buds, and speed healing when recovering from flu, fever, and other illnesses.

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    Sabudana can help with menopause and endometriosis by preventing excessive bleeding.

    Improves fertility

    When trying to conceive, sabudana khichdi can aid to boost fertility levels. Clients who plan to freeze their eggs will benefit from it the most.

    For menopause

    Sabudana can be utilised throughout the menopausal phase if you start getting headaches/extreme exhaustion right before your period.

    For spotting

    Sabudana can aid with spotting around the time of ovulation.

    For PMS

    Sabudana can be used during PMS week or when there is a loss of appetite.

    Celebrities such as Anupam Kher and Cyrus Sahukar have also expressed their admiration for these starchy peals.

    “My favourite,” wrote Anupam Kher in a comment on the post. “Thank you very much for all your posts,” Cyrus added.

    Are you taking notes, ladies? However, before making any dietary modifications, always check with your dietitian.

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