Priyanka Loves Swimming and We Think We Love it Too

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    Off-duty Priyanka Chopra lives a healthy lifestyle when she is not travelling for events and engagements. DIY skincare tricks, swimming, cycling, and yoga are just a few of the ways Priyanka Chopra takes care of herself holistically. She also likes bodyweight workouts and weightlifting to help develop and tone her muscles. Though her programme includes a variety of workouts and outdoor activities for a well-rounded approach to health, the actor is known to like swimming, as she told Vogue in a previous interview, “I swim.” I usually go 15 to 20 laps. It improves my attitude and makes me feel energised and ready to go.”

    Swimming Benefits


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    Workout for the whole body

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    Swimming exercises several muscle groups, providing the body with significant training. Strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness are all improved. You not only get physical advantages, but you also get excellent mental stimulation. Swimming has been shown to improve mental health by reducing anxiety and depression symptoms. It may boost mood and energy levels and generate a sense of well-being.

    The impact is minimal

    Swimming is a good activity for people of all ages and fitness levels since the buoyancy of water decreases stress on joints and reduces the risk of impact-related injuries. It is also a workout that can help with injury recovery since it relieves tension on bones, joints, and connective tissues. It is especially good for people suffering from arthritis or joint discomfort, as well as those healing from trauma.

    Cardiovascular fitness

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    Swimming is a fantastic aerobic sport that promotes cardiovascular fitness since it essentially exercises your heart and lungs. The resting heart rate and breathing rate usually drop as the body is educated to use oxygen more efficiently. It employs the muscles of the arms, legs, and the muscles in between. This increases muscular strength and flexibility. It has the potential to decrease blood pressure, lessen the risk of heart disease, and enhance overall heart health.

    Weight control

    A leisurely, moderate swim burns around 500 calories per hour, but a hard swim can burn up to 700 calories. Swimming, as a consequence, helps you burn calories while simultaneously building lean muscle. These slim muscles increase your metabolism, helping you to burn more calories. Swimming is a calorie-burning workout that can help you lose or maintain your weight. It is a wonderful approach to increase metabolism and burn a substantial amount of calories without placing undue effort on the body.

    Flexibility and stamina

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    Swimming may significantly improve one’s flexibility and ease of movement. The water supports your body while simultaneously stretching and relaxing muscles. This is an excellent method for increasing flexibility whether you want to enhance your range of motion during activities or simply feel better overall. Swimming motions need R.O.M., which enhances flexibility and joint mobility. Swimming on a regular basis can improve general flexibility and muscular endurance.

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