“Katrina Kaif is incredibly encouraging,” says Kriti Sanon of diet and fitness.

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    Kriti Sanon, one of Bollywood’s fittest performers, discusses the significance of varying your exercises, body positivity, and what it actually means to be healthy.

    Body positivity 

    Concerning body positivity, I believe that being comfortable in your own skin and body is essential. Everyone, in my opinion, is unique. We cannot all have the same appearance. It’s crucial to be healthy and fit, but it’s also important to feel comfortable with yourself and your body. There are people with diverse bone shapes and skin tones—I don’t think these distinctions make you less or more attractive. Being appealing stems from the inside.

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    "Katrina Kaif is incredibly encouraging," says Kriti Sanon of diet and fitness.

    Fitness icons 

    Shilpa Shetty Kundra and Malaika Arora are two of her fitness inspirations. I keep watching these movies, and their power never ceases to astound me. I’ve witnessed Katrina Kaif’s workouts, and she works out for two hours every day. When you work out with her, you feel like you’re doing less.

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    Being genuinely healthy 

    Being fit to me implies being healthy, having a good immune system, having a good bodily balance, and having good stamina and strength. Being fit is synonymous with being healthy and happy, in my opinion. Being able to accomplish duties and activities that a normal human body should be able to do at that age is actually healthy.

    Her workout philosophy

    I’m always working on my body. I’ve always been thin since I was a kid. Instead of attempting to reduce weight, I’ve always attempted to gain muscle. I feel that gaining muscle is more harder than reducing fat. I can’t recall when I last performed cardio since it doesn’t work for me. In addition, because I am tall, I appear leaner than I am. I need to focus on my legs and make sure I complete my leg workouts on a regular basis. If I don’t, I lose muscle quickly.

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    But I have a lovely figure and a tiny, rounded waist. I have a well-balanced torso and legs. This makes it simple for me to steal various items.

    The significance of varying your workouts

    I’m a slacker who needs a trainer to bring me to the gym and inspire me. Weight training is essential if you have my body type. Weight training alone is tiresome for me since I need to gain muscle and I desire to appear toned and strong, so I mix it up with Pilates. I started doing Pilates two years ago and I love it. It appears to be simple, but it requires a strong core, good balance, flexibility, and stamina. Yasmin Karachiwala is my favourite Pilates instructor. I think she’s a fantastic trainer. She can be stern when necessary, and she understands different body types and what routines to provide.

    I also enjoy dancing and incorporate it into my exercises 2-3 times a week. Dancing is an excellent kind of exercise because you utilise your entire body and it is never boring. I learned kathak as a youngster, but I’m not a big fan of classical dance. I enjoy combining styles—sometimes jazz, sometimes Bollywood, and sometimes current.

    "Katrina Kaif is incredibly encouraging," says Kriti Sanon of diet and fitness.

    Working out while travelling

    Depending on where I’m staying, I attempt to find a gym nearby. I mostly perform weight training and workouts that I can do on my own. Because there are some weight-lifting exercises that should not be done alone, my trainer creates a timetable for me.

    When there was no gym accessible, such as when I was filming Heropanti in Patiala, I would go for a run and perform mat exercises in my room using a yoga mat.

    I had to seem like a warrior and strong in Raabta’s flashback scene. That was the one time I truly stuck to a diet. I used to go out twice a day, doing weight training, Pilates, and 45 minutes of cardio because I needed to strengthen my core and reduce fat from my waist and arms. I currently have a personal trainer named Austin.

    Her diet discipline

    It’s critical to keep track of what you eat when you eat, and the time between meals. Every 2-2.5 hours consume smaller quantities.

    If you’re eating well but still not losing weight, consult a nutritionist. You might be consuming something that isn’t good for your body. Exercise at least once a day. I swear by these guidelines.

    In her diet journal, she writes, “My diet is relatively normal—dal, roti, and chawal” (rice). Boiled rice with chicken curry or dal with veggies is my preference. On days when I’m feeling heavy or filled, I’ll eat soup with a salad or sandwich on the side. My dinners are frequently lighter than my lunches.

    I enjoy oats chia pudding with berries, and I usually keep a package of almonds in my vehicle or purse for when you’re starving in between meetings.

    I opt for chocolate or a banana if I haven’t eaten in a few hours or if I don’t have time for a full snack. I enjoy having dates on occasion since it provides quick energy. I normally consume a protein smoothie or a protein bar after my workout.

    I feel it is essential to consume veggies in some form or another. If I eat too much meat, I drink a glass of green juice. Spinach, cucumber, bottle gourd, amla, lime, mint, and green apple are my favourite combinations.

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