Katrina kaif: The Perfect Diva

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    Katrina Kaif’s Diet Plan for Fit body.

    The British Indian Bollywood queen didn’t inherit the size zero figure, in fact, it happened after the movie of ‘Tees Maar Khan’ where she has surprised everybody because of a slim, sexy and curvaceous body.

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    Her strict diet regime has played a great role to make her slim and sexy diva and simultaneously become the role model of millions of her followers. Her nutritionist left no stone unturned to make her super and sexy as per the demand for movies and assignments.

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    To get the zero-size figure, she strictly adheres to soups, salads, yogurt, fish, vitamins and minerals and all that leads her to become one of the fitness icons.

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    Katrina Kaif diet for weight loss

    Besides cardio, swimming, cycling, gym, jogging and yoga exercises, the Bollywood diva got slim and zero sizes to figure because of her diet plan and diet secrets. Diet plays a significant role in giving the slim and curvaceous look to the Bollywood queen. Her funda for weight loss includes the following dietary regime:

    • Early morning: She drinks 4 glasses of water in the morning.
    • Breakfast: cereals, oatmeal, pomegranate juice, egg white
    • Lunch: legumes, green salads, boiled rice
    • Dinner: vegetable soup,  dal/boiled veggies, chappati (without oil), green salads

    Top diet tips by Katrina Kaif


    • Her diet tip is to eat the right food at the right time and in the right quantity.
    • Start your day by taking more and more glass of water.
    • Don’t start your day with tea or coffee.
    • Don’t take fried food.
    • She prefers boil foods.
    • She tries to take less carbohydrate.
    • She likes to finish her dinner before two hours of her bedtime.
    • One should take a simple yet healthy diet.
    • She loves foods but eats in moderation and eating in balance is the real mantra of fitness.
    • She prefers to take seasonal fruits throughout the day.
    • She advises her fans to eat healthily and do exercises.

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