Diksha Chhabra And Her Way To A Successful Weight Loss Journey

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    Diksha Chhabra, a 28-year-old mother weighing about 100 kgs, received a wake-up call from within in 2015, urging her to take control of her health. Because of continuous and nasty remarks from peers and family members, the alarm sounded louder. But, today, she is grateful that she saw the need for a significant weight reduction transformation and took action to change her life. Diksha now works as a fitness guru, coaching men and women on how to lose weight in a healthy way.

    Diksha Chhabra, a fitness expert, offers five recommendations for long-term weight loss.

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    Diksha claims she gets demands like “15 days mein 10 kg kam karaa do” and “15 days mein 10 kg kam karaa do.” She emphasises to her customers, however, the significance of long-term weight loss. Here are some of her best 5 fitness tips.

    Persistence is the key
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    Be constant and persistent in your efforts.

    “Don’t go straight from step one to step ten.” When it comes to weight loss, both in terms of nutrition and activity, be patient. “Make minor adjustments,” Diksha advises. Start by preparing one meal for a week, then another, as needed, depending on how hungry you are. This will ensure discipline and long-term viability.

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    People, according to Diksha, must consider the entire picture of life, of which weight loss is only a small component. “How you want to live is entirely up to you.” These modifications should become ingrained in your way of life. Why can’t they become ingrained in your routine like brushing your teeth? “Life is uncertain,” she continues, “but jitni hai, achhe se jiyo.”

    Eat regionally


    Diksha is all about regional cuisine! We are so exposed to things like avocado and green coffee in the Internet and social media age. However, we must consume the local produce of our origin. Otherwise, these behaviours will cost you a lot of money and will not be sustainable. Choose simple foods and be aware of your nutritional needs. You’ll be able to eat more thoughtfully as a result of this.

    Don't get caught up in the numbers game

    One thing that everyone attempting to lose weight should keep in mind is that weight loss cannot always be measured in terms of a number. “Weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle are about more than numbers, and they extend beyond the size of the clothes you can fit into!” “You should pay attention to how you feel inside and out,” says the expert.

    It's not something you should do for a special occasion

    You will only get unhealthy if you lose weight for a specific event and then forget about it. So don’t do it for a family wedding, your best friend’s wedding, or your fiance’s request to lose weight.

    “Do it if you believe it’s influencing your way of life, decisions, or confidence.” “Once your goal is new, your commitment will be different and permanent,” Diksha explains.

    Don't put too much pressure on yourself; instead, do something you enjoy

    Whatever you accomplish, you must enjoy the journey rather than focus solely on the end result. So, whether it’s weight lifting, Zumba, Pilates, or yoga, do what makes you happy and motivates you.

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