Cricketers’ Astonishing Fitness Body Transformations: Virat Kohli and More!

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    It is impossible to dispute the important importance physical fitness plays in today’s competitive cricket. Along with skill and technique, a player’s physical condition takes centre stage. Players, both new and experienced, work hard every day to make sure they can achieve the new standard that has been set for fitness in the sport globally. Here, we examine cricket players whose bodies have changed dramatically both before and after they started playing the game.

    5 cricket players with impressive physical changes over the years

    Virat Kohli

    Virat Kohli is well known for his commitment to fitness and is often considered one of the world’s fittest cricket players. He maintains a controlled diet, adheres to a stringent workout regimen, and has improved his physique since his debut in 2008, setting a new benchmark for the Indian team.

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    Chris Tremlette

    The former England cricketer has undergone an astonishing physical transformation since his retirement in 2015. Tremlett has transformed from a tall, lanky man to a hefty, strong man.

    Hardik Pandya

    Pandya‘s dedication to fitness has been evident from his earliest days playing international cricket to his current position as a key player. He has changed over the years, becoming a fit cricketer with a lean, well-built body from a tiny player with little muscle.

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    Chris Gayle

    The great West Indian cricketer Chris Gayle has overcome all odds in terms of fitness during his successful career. He is more physically fit and toned at 43 years old than he was when he first started out at the age of 19.

    Shikhar Dhawan 

    Since his frail under-19 years, the Indian opening batsman has grown considerably. In his athletic career, he has incorporated a variety of fitness practices, such as swimming, yoga, and strength training.

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