Fitness India Show: Preeti Jhangiani does a Burpee Workout

    On this episode of the Fitness India Show, Preeti Jhangiani is shown the proper form to do a Burpee at Gold's Gym.

    Fitness India Kettlebell session with Preeti Jhangiani

    Preeti Jhangiani learns the correct way and form to lift Kettle bells at at Gold's Gym Bandra west, Mumbai India

    The Fitness India Show with Preeti Jhangiani : Bounce that Ball !

    Work out and get fit with Film star Preeti Jhangiani on The Fitness India Show with some simple functional training that you can follow...

    Preeti Jhangiani talks Vegan Nutrition

    Join actress Preeti Jhangiani as she talks about her experiences with turning VEGAN

    The Fitness India Show with PREETI JHANGIANI

    In Episode 7, actress Preeti Jhangiani takes you through some simple but effective functional training moves

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