Alia Bhatt’s Trainer Turns Wrist Woes into Workout Wonders!

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    The wrists are crucial, especially during exercises. They aid in body stabilisation throughout various workout activities, and we must take care not to injure our wrists. Anshuka Parwani addressed this by writing, “We frequently experience wrist pain while working out.” This can occur owing to a variety of circumstances such as ligament tension, unexpected pressure on the muscles when exercising, a lack of mobility, and so on. Strong wrists are essential because they help to stabilise the arms during various fitness exercises and routines.” Anshuka is well-known for tutoring Bollywood celebs such as Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor.

    Anshuka addressed wrist pain and demonstrated a variety of asanas that can help combat wrist pain while working out, adding, “Here are some simple movements and exercises that will help to strengthen the wrist muscles, build grip strength, increase flexibility, and reduce the risk of injuries.” Regular practice will also aid to enhance mobility and range of motion in the wrist area. Make it a habit to include this exercise practice in your daily training programme.” Anshuka Parwani suggests the following exercises:


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    1. Palms open and close
    2. Wrist rotation
    3. Palms open sideways
    4. Palms open up and down
    5. Wrist circles
    6. Wrist waves
    7. Wrist circles on fours
    8. Flexion wrist stretch on fours

    These wrist workouts recommended by Anshuka have several health advantages. They assist to reduce the chance of injury and improve greater grip strength by focusing on wrist strength. They also aid in increasing wrist flexibility. Improved wrist and hand strength aid in enhancing overall athletic abilities and body performance. These exercises aid in the warming of the muscles, the improvement of blood flow, and the strengthening of the muscles around the joints for improved mobility. These exercises also serve as an excellent warm-up before beginning the daily training routine.

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