Bhagyashree The Salad Goddess?

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    Let’s face it: salads may be incredibly filling and beneficial for the stomach at times. Yes, every element in a salad has its distinct flavour. It is full, tasty, healthful, and flavorful. Can you say no to a platter of vibrantly coloured and textured salad? We don’t know about you, but Bhagyashree enjoys this healthful food item regularly. The woman is a nutrition and wellness advocate who encourages us to make healthy eating a habit.


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    Recently, she posted a photo of her healthful supper, which included a delicious-looking salad with greens, sliced strawberries, and cheese. She captioned the photo “salad lunches” and added the hashtag “Healthy eating.”

    In terms of nutrition, the actress’ salad set included the foregoing:

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    1. Fiber
    2. Vitamin C
    3. Beneficial fats
    4. Calcium
    5. Proteins
    6. Beneficial carbohydrates

    Salads are Bhagyashree’s all-time favourite go-to lunch option, according to her admirers. Earlier, she was spotted eating into another dish of greens topped with cheese, strawberries, and basil — another nutrient-dense lunch.

    Bhagyashree is a fitness fanatic who also enjoys eating

    Bhagyashree- The Salad Goddess?

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    Foodie Bhagyashree’s exquisite salad creations go beyond just being a wonderful vegetable recipe. She was once photographed eating a sprouted bean salad with tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, sprouted moong, salt, and pepper — she labelled the post, ‘sprouted bean salad.’

    Bhagyashree- The Salad Goddess?

    Despite her love of salads, she also enjoys including chicken in her meals, along with broccoli, lime, and cherry tomatoes. And for supper, the actress opts for fresh veggies, including sliced tomatoes, mushrooms, lettuce, and green vegetables, as well as grilled sausage and spot sprouts.

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