Side planks are one of the most difficult workouts, but once you’ve mastered them, there’s no going back. We can tell you’ve had as much fun with this challenge as you have with the other ones.

This challenge will bring you your perfect beach physique, and the best part was that you could do it with your friends and family for some fun, or you could fly solo to spend some time alone and break a sweat of satisfaction.

The goal was to stay in this posture for as long as possible, keeping in mind that only the ‘perfect technique + longest time’ would get you the rare Fast&Up goodies. We’re happy to announce that this challenge has got a ton of love and respect, and that some of you even swept us off our feet! Congratulations to all competitors who demonstrated tremendous grit and determination, and it is now time to recognize those who won this Side Plank Challenge.


1. Rakesh Roshan- 3.06 min
(Winner of 11th March Challenge so only certificate as per rule)
2. Ravi Teja Ravi – 2.32 min
(Winner of 4th March Challenge so only certificate as per rule)
3. Ram Dayal Singh- 2.20 min
S.P.Sharma- 2.20 min
4. Shvet Rawal- 2.04 min
5. Akash Bhardwaj- 2.00 min


1. Ekta Chaudhary – 2.50 min
2. Rajni Goenka- 2.08 min
3. Sayali Bhagwat – 1.32 min
(Winner of 11th March Challenge so only certificate as per rule)
4. Rekha Pimpale- 1.20 min
5. Vidya Narhire- 1.19 min


Rajan Tiwari (51yrs) – 2.00 min

The Special/Inspiring winner, as well as the first, second, and third place winners, will get a certificate and a Fast&Up hamper. The fourth and fifth place winners each receive a certificate for the fitness challenge.

(Each month, only one individual receives the hamper)

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