Ayurveda Unleashed: Tackling Food Fumbles, Sleep Snags, and Bedroom Blues

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    Unravelling the enigma of Ayurveda – it’s not just your grandma’s kitchen magic or dismissed by Western medicine enthusiasts. It’s a lifestyle, an internal symphony with the world. Troubled sleep? Ayurveda steps in. Confused about your diet? Ayurveda has a tailored plan for you. Performance anxiety in the bedroom? Ayurveda’s got your back.

    Solutions are encoded in your doshas – the elemental trio: vata, pitta, and kapha. Vata, dry and mobile; pitta, fiery and sharp; kapha, watery and nurturing. Complex, right? Vicram Sharma, the force behind Shree Baidyanath Ayurved Bhawan, aims to simplify it all in his debut book, “Ayurveda Advantage.” Let’s dive into a candid conversation with the author about infusing ancient Ayurvedic science into our modern lives.

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    Q: What inspired you to pen down a book on Ayurveda? In the pandemic-ridden days of 2020, amid lockdowns, I delved into Ayurveda discussions with my mother, an Ayurvedic researcher. Recognizing the depth of her knowledge, I began jotting down her tips and tricks. The wealth of Ayurvedic solutions she offered, coupled with insights from our in-house experts, birthed the idea of a book. A translation of Ayurveda’s teachings into a user-friendly guide for all.

    Q: Why focus on food, sleep, and sex in your book? Food, sleep, and sex – Ayurveda’s trinity, the pillars of life. Their harmony is key; an imbalance leads to dis-ease. It’s an Ayurvedic dos and don’ts manual. Take sleep, often overlooked. Ayurveda contradicts the ‘5-hour sleep is enough’ belief, emphasizing its crucial role in efficiency, mood, and overall health. Food choices, aligned with your doshas, form another pivotal aspect.

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    Q: Share insights on the importance of sex in Ayurveda. In the hustle of modern life, sexual deprivation is prevalent. Ayurveda views sex as integral to our well-being. It advocates monogamous relationships, considering sex an art of love-making, fostering emotional connections. Addressing this vital aspect is crucial for preventing psychological and emotional issues.

    Q: How can one identify their dominant dosha? The book simplifies the intricate dosha concept. Five elements manifest as three doshas: vata, pitta, and kapha. By decoding Ayurveda’s wisdom, the book aids in identifying one’s dominant dosha.

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    Q: How do you see the embrace of Ayurveda in modern lives? Ayurveda resonates with the new, educated, and curious generation. It’s heartening when people share their dosha awareness and adherence to Ayurvedic principles in their daily routines.

    Q: One Ayurvedic myth you’d like to bust? Avoid coffee on an empty stomach! Ayurveda warns against it, as it aggravates pitta. Enjoy your coffee between meals, not as a morning kickstart.

    Q: How do you incorporate Ayurvedic knowledge into your life? My routine aligns with dinacharya and ritucharya – adapting activities based on the season and time. I consume Ayurvedic tonics daily, like Ashwagandha and amla. Amla, a potent antioxidant, is a daily must. My son, too, follows Ayurveda with amla and sitopaladi.

    Q: Tips for incorporating Ayurveda into daily life? Daily amla intake for its antioxidant punch. Embrace Ashwagandha for inner strength and calmness. Understand Ayurveda basics to tailor your lifestyle to your dominant dosha – a recipe for a balanced life.

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