Arnold Schwarzenegger Still Lives By The Terminator’s Lifestyle Choices At 75

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    Arnold has stayed in good shape by keeping a clear head and engaging in regular physical activity. Arnold Schwarzenegger began weightlifting as a teenager in his native Austria and at the age of 23 won his first Mr. Olympia competition in 1970, widely regarded as the most prestigious in the sport.

    The bodybuilding legend, actor, and former politician works out for up to 1.5 hours daily: cycling for 45 to 60 minutes, and lifting weights for 30 minutes.

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    Techniques from the past

    When you look at Arnold’s lifestyle modifications and decisions, you’ll notice that they are pretty much no-secret golden principles that anyone who loves themselves may follow.

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    Not giving up on training

    He is fascinated with working out and plans to do so until he dies. That’s a true fitness freak for motivation.

    Having fun with exercise

    Celebrities may begin gym practice to appear beautiful on film, but Arnold understands that he is doing it for his own health and pleasure.

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    Keeping a slim figure

    Arnold concentrates on weight training and a nutritious diet to keep his physique and stay slim as he gets older.

    Protein smoothie made from plants

    Arnold likes a chocolaty plant-based protein drink after every exercise and feels good about his vegan lifestyle.


    A good breakfast is vital for ageing well, and his healthy breakfast consists of oats, berries, and walnuts.

    Spreading joy

    He has a lovely attitude and enjoys spreading love and pleasure to others. His kind and courteous demeanour can be seen all over his social media.

    A correct frame of mind

    He believes that a healthy body requires a healthy mind, and he strives to maintain his thinking pleasant and calm, sending good vibes wherever he goes.

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