Anil Kapoor, 65, Explains His Rigorous Training Programme And Demonstrates How He Begins His Day

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    Anil Kapoor, 65, is a Bollywood actor who is at the top of his profession and performing a lot of work at an age when most of his colleagues have mostly moved away from arc lights. His rigorous physical regimen motivates and encourages the next generation of performers. Varun Dhawan, his JugJugg Jeeyo co-star, recently referred to him as an “alien” after he performed some challenging yoga asanas. So, what is the key to Kapoor’s tight and toned figure at the age of 65? In his most recent Instagram post, the actor disclosed the truth.


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    In a recent Instagram post, Kapoor discussed his exercise regimen with his admirers and stated that he gets a full seven hours of sleep every night. He mentioned that he plays darts to keep his concentration and focus in check at the start of the day. His day begins with a “competitive” start thanks to the sport. “Of course, Anil always wins this,” one of his buddies says.

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    Anil Kapoor also defined fitness for himself. “Fitness for me is feeling good about myself,” he explained. I try to keep it in balance with my exercises. It is critical for me to be physically healthy enough to face the camera. My trainer, Mark, devises a strategy for me, and I follow it perfectly.

    But the actor, who has been in the profession for over four decades, is worried when his trainer and his son Harsh Vardhan Kapoor sit down to plan his fitness. “The combination of Mark and Harsh is quite devastating.” “When they sit together, I am terrified because I don’t know what plot they will devise for me,” Kapoor said in the video.

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    He also stated that eating properly is more essential than working out. “I think diet is more essential than working out sometimes,” he says at the end of the video. Food is not for flavour, but to help you gain strength and stamina.”

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