Aditya Roy Kapoor’s personal trainer talks about his workout plan for The Night Manager

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    Here is how Aditya Roy Kapoor and renowned fitness expert Robin Behl created his remarkable figure for his most recent action-thriller series.

    Aditya Roy Kapur's personal trainer talks about his workout plan for The Night Manager.

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    You must always maintain a high level of physical fitness if you want to work as an active performer. Aditya Roy Kapoor has portrayed numerous ripped characters in his career, from the hefty prisoner in Malang (2020) to the muscular para-commando in Rashtra Kavach Om (2022). His character is an ex-Navy officer trying to make a career in the hotel sector in his most recent series, The Night Manager before he meets Anil Kapoor’s character, an illicit arms dealer.

    His figure is slender but chiselled to fit his character’s special tale. In order to understand the training regimen that helped the actor become in top form, we sat down with his personal trainer and co-founder of The Tribe, Robin Behl.


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    How long have you been working with Aditya Roy Kapoor, and what fitness improvements have you made since then?

    Robert Behl: In January 2022, I began preparing Adi for The Night Manager and Gumrah. He was already quite aware of his strength and endurance, and he had excellent muscle memory. My objective was to chisel him in a manner that is realistic and appropriate for an ex-navy officer.

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    Could you describe the exercise programme you created for the actor in The Night Manager?

    RB: It was difficult for me to meet Aditya’s fitness objectives while the crew prepared for the lengthy shoot timings. There was not much time for schedule and regularity. After 12–14 hours of filming, he would exercise for 90–2 hours every day.

    He mixed callisthenics, strength and conditioning, movement, balance, and hypertrophy into his daily routines. High-intensity workouts helped him define his body while motions kept him flexible during the film’s production.

    For a while, filming, training, and the demanding fasting cardio were tiring, but his body eventually adjusted for betterment. Bollywood actors frequently put their bodies through a lot when they transition between roles.

    How did his diet fit with his exercises for this specific role?

    RB: Our objective was to keep Aditya Roy Kapoor in good physical condition, with a lean, strong body, for which diet is essential. Aditya kept track of his food preparation. In actuality, each actor’s calorie intake was tailored to his or her particular character. Aditya was strictly in a calorie deficit during the shoot according to the framework of 1500–1600 calories.

    What would you say about his fitness philosophy?

    RB: Aditya Roy Kapoor prefers to maintain good health by putting a strong emphasis on his mental and spiritual well-being, among other things. While his line of work frequently needs him to change his physique, he is aware of his physical limitations and does not let them overwhelm him.

    Aditya Roy Kapur's personal trainer talks about his workout plan for The Night Manager.

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