7 Yoga Ball Exercises For Abs

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    Today, we’re going to provide a regimen that will help you achieve all of your goals. These yoga ball exercises for abs will leave you feeling toned and powerful. Because your core provides a lot of your strength, it’s crucial to push yourself when you train it.

    Reverse crunches 

    Yoga Ball Exercises For Abs

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    This exercise targets the abdominals, obliques, glutes, and hip flexors. Avoid lowering yourself too rapidly, since this might cause the ball to bounce and shock your body, increasing your risk of injury. Maintain control by moving slowly and deliberately.


    Twists with yoga ball exercises for abs shape your obliques, which are the muscles on the side of your abdomen. These are the biggest of your abdominal muscles, and they help you bend and rotate while protecting your spine.

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    Ball jog

    Get your heart beating and your inner child out at the same time. Sit tall on the ball with your abs engaged and your feet firmly planted on the floor for this heart-racing routine. Raise your knees up and down to bounce as high as possible on the ball. To keep your heart rate up mid-workout, try bouncing for 2–5 minutes.

    Ski stepping stone

    Are you wondering where the obliques come into play? To work the sides of your abs, try this Alpine-inspired motion of yoga ball exercise for abs. Sit upright on the stability ball, feet together. Swing your feet to the right and your arms to the left in a single fluid motion. Don’t be scared to get into this motion – the more enthusiastic you are, the greater the workout. Return your arms and legs to the middle and repeat.

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    Leg raises

    Using a ball for leg lifts increases the intensity. If necessary, place your hands beneath the small of your back. Bring the ball as near to the ground as your body will allow you to without arching your back.


    The pike is a more advanced motion involving yoga ball exercises for abs that works your core and lower abs. This one will also make your shoulders and chest feel lighter. Engage your core and avoid allowing your back to arch or slump.

    Side squat

    Yoga Ball Exercises For Abs

    A stretch at the end of an ab-tastic exercise is a great way to round off the workout. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and both hands on the ball overhead.

    Bend down and bring the ball to the outside of your left foot, keeping your back straight and abs engaged.

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