While having a busy work schedule is great for productivity, it can also mean that other things have to take a back seat, such as sticking to our New Year’s resolution to get healthier. Even with the cutest fitness gear and workout playlists, finding time to hit the gym during our hectic workweek can seem impossible. But, according to a new study, having a hectic work schedule doesn’t have to mean abandoning your fitness goals for good. In fact, cramming all of your workouts into the weekend still has a significant impact on your overall health.

Weekend Workout Wonders

On non-workout days, prepare your body

Because cramming all of your workouts into two days can be extremely taxing on your body, it’s critical to prepare yourself on non-workout days. This includes considering your diet critically, staying hydrated, and getting up from your desk every hour or so to mobilise your joints and stretch tight muscles.

The more ferocious, the better

When you engage in strenuous exercise, your body enters a state of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). This basically means that your body consumes more calories after exertion for up to two days. Try a full-body HIIT workout that includes sprints, lifting moderate weights relatively quickly and bodyweight exercises.

Do both resistance and cardio training

Resistance training, like more intense exercise, has a rehabilitative effect that can last for days. Combine cardio with a variety of resistance exercises to get the most out of your workout. To work your muscles, use your own bodyweight or pick up some dumbbells, a kettlebell, or resistance bands.

Eat and drink with caution

Weekend warriors, say goodbye to Saturday night pizza. Your weekend diet should support your goals. Make sure to eat carbohydrates around your workouts, and the rest of the day is either low carbohydrate (for fat loss) or high carbohydrate (for muscle gain) (for muscle gain). Isn’t it always all about the carbs?

Make time to unwind

When your work schedule is hectic, it is critical for both your body and mind to relax. Cortisol levels rise in response to stress. This can reduce the effectiveness of your workouts and lead to an increase in body fat. Yeesh. Equip yourself with tools to help you zen out, whether it’s a cool-down yoga routine or some strategic meditation.

Weekend Workout Wonders