Strawberry – The Summer Berry

Arguably the world’s most loved fruit, Strawberry is definitely the best looking!

Strawberry plants are very versatile. They flourish in terraced gardens, hanging baskets and in small to king-sized pots! The key thing is sunlight. Strawberries will do well in almost any location that offers full sun for at least 5-6 hours a day. The plants relish loamy soil with good drainage.

Is there a fruit as universally loved as the strawberry? From sweets, milkshakes and pastries, to jams and jellies and the summer-time favorite strawberries and cream – it’s hard to find that strawberries do not lend their sweet taste and vibrant color too.


The global love for strawberries is not surprising at all, due to their full flavor and bright red hue. Strawberries are not just great tasting, they’re also incredibly good for you.

The fruit is a rich source of phytonutrients, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins – helping to protect against premature aging as well as promoting good digestive and cardiovascular health.

A perennial plant, strawberries grow back year on year. Unlike some fruits, they do not ripen after being picked – so it is vital they are not harvested until the optimal time. 


Strawberries have been a popular flavor for many years, and while they are still going strong as a classic choice, manufacturers are creating combinations, including strawberry with vanilla and black pepper or strawberries, beets and banana.

Be it smoothies, making muffins or inventing ice cream, they try in boosting the customers.