Men, Here are 8 Signs You Have Low Testosterone Levels

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    The human body produces testosterone as a hormone. It is mostly generated by the testicles in males. Testosterone influences a man’s outward attractiveness as well as his reproductive capacity. It increases spermatogenesis as well as a man’s sexual desire. It also aids in the development of muscular and bone development. Here are some signs that you may have low testosterone levels:

    Erectile dysfunction

    Erections can be difficult to obtain or maintain when testosterone levels are low. Testosterone causes the genital tissues to create nitric oxide, which initiates a chain of events that leads to an erection. A guy may be unable to get an erection if his testosterone levels have dropped.

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    Low libido

    Testosterone is important in men’s appetite (sex desire). Some guys may suffer a decrease in libido as they become older. Someone with low T, on the other hand, is likely to have a more dramatic decrease in their urge to have sex.

    Decreased scrotum size

    A man with sexual dysfunction may observe a decrease in the size of his genitalia that is not caused by cold weather. The scrotum may feel looser than normal as well.

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    Hair loss

    Testosterone is involved in a variety of bodily activities, including hair formation. Baldness is a typical component of the ageing process for many men. While baldness has an inherent component, males with low Testosterone may also suffer a decrease in body and facial hair.


    Individuals with low androgen may have difficulty falling or staying asleep. Many men who have low testosterone experience sleep apnea. This possibly fatal illness causes a person to cease breathing for a short time, which might interrupt sleep.

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    Adults with low T have experienced acute weariness and a loss of vitality. You may have low Testosterone if you are constantly exhausted despite having more than enough sleep or if you find it difficult to get motivated to participate.

    Decreased muscle mass

    Testosterone is involved in the formation of muscular strength, and low levels of testosterone can result in considerable muscle mass loss. Nevertheless, while decreased androgen causes muscle mass loss, muscular performance and ability remain unchanged.

    Tainted memory

    With ageing, both androgen production and cognitive skills, notably recollection, drop. As a consequence, experts believe that reduced testosterone levels may lead to worse memory. In limited trials, testosterone treatment has been associated with enhanced memory in people with low levels. The research’s authors, however, found no difference in memory in their trial of 493 men with low testosterone levels who took testosterone or a placebo.

    As a man gets older, he cannot stop the gradual decrease in his testosterone levels. So if your testosterone levels drop below normal and you start to experience the symptoms, it would be best if you avoid situations that could lower it more.


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