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    Siddharth Shukla is known as the most aggressive contestant in Bigg Boss 13 and most loved contestant of BB House.

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    We love how he keeps himself fit always despite of his busy schedule. Siddharth’s dedication for fitness started years ago in 2000’s .

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    This man manages to  grab all girls eyes balls with his his lean and muscular physique.He mainly focuses on weight training as we can easily make-out from those muscular gains. He does include cardio twice a week for Core Strength & full body workout.


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    Shukla is an ardent gym fanatic and follows a healthy diet enriched with proteins, green veggies and low carbs.

    He never misses his gym workout and makes sure he wakes up in the morning hit the workout pangs on time.



    He settles for home made food filled with goods of proteins and fiber and lots & lots of veggies in it.  He prefers eggs to start his day with.

    Tell us how you find his physique.


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