An Expert with 14 Years of Experience Unleashes the Magic of Parboiled Rice for Diabetes and Weight Loss

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    If brown rice isn’t your thing and you don’t want to consume white rice because you’re afraid of gaining weight, go for parboiled rice, which offers more advantages than ordinary rice, from high fibre content to protein. Brown rice is thought to be better for diabetics than white rice, which is heavily processed because studies suggest that unpolished brown rice can reduce glycemic index and fasting insulin response by 23%.

    Because it is lower in calories, contains less carbohydrates, and more protein, parboiled rice may be a better choice for the fitness-conscious. It also has more thiamine and niacin than white rice.

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    Before removing the inedible husk from the grains, parboiled rice is partially boiled. Unhusked rice is first steeped in warm water, then steamed until the starch is turned into gel, and finally gently dried before milling. The hue of parboiled rice is pale yellow.

    In a recent Instagram post, dietician Manpreet Kalra discussed the miraculous advantages of parboiled rice.

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    “Parboiled rice is rice that has been partially cooked in its husk.” Soaking, steaming, and drying are the three primary phases of parboiling. “Parboiled rice differs from white rice due to a difference in processing method, which helps to boost its nutritional value and change its texture,” explains Kalra.

    Here are some of the many advantages of parboiled rice:

    1. Parboiled rice is healthy for your gut health because the starch in it serves as a prebiotic, increasing the number of friendly bacteria in your stomach. This ensures that you will not experience acidity or bloating after eating it.
    2. People with diabetes can also take parboiled rice since it improves insulin sensitivity, has a low glycemic index, and helps regulate blood sugar levels.
    3. Because rice is high in iron and calcium, it can assist enhance your bone and hair health. You may not only avoid weight gain by eating parboiled rice, but you can also receive these extra benefits.
    4. Parboiled rice is high in B vitamins, which assist to balance your hormones.

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    While brown rice is still the healthiest option for rice lovers, parboiled rice is also a fantastic option for those who dislike the nutty flavour or chewy texture of brown rice.

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