Mira Kapoor’s Hair Care Secrets to Boost Hair Growth and Minimize Hair Fall

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    Mira Kapoor creates all kinds of homemade products, including hibiscus hair treatments and A2 ghee packs. The actor frequently divulges her highly-coveted skincare and haircare secrets in-depth on her YouTube channel. The unwanted and worrying sight of thinning hair has a variety of causes, including changes in food and the environment as well as postpartum loss. The good news is that Mira Kapoor has your back with her own advice on how to control excessive hair loss while simultaneously promoting hair growth to leave your hair healthier, fuller, and shinier.

    Mira Kapoor researched the science of hair loss to address the issue at its source while dealing with her own thinning hair, which resulted in a receding hairline and clumps of hair that were falling out.


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    Interpreting hair loss

    It’s critical to understand what causes hair to be excessively thin in the first place, according to Mira, in order to comprehend how to hasten hair growth. The phrase “telogen effluvium” refers to a common temporary hair loss condition caused by the excessive shedding of dormant or telogen hair following a shock or stressful experience. It is crucial to pinpoint the causes of this shock, which might be either physical or mental.

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    Triggers can include abrupt shocks like losing a loved one to habits that aren’t healthy for your body and are causing an imbalance and stress on your systems like not getting enough sleep due to work stress. Telogen effluvium, fortunately, is a disorder that is treatable with great care and accuracy. All of the things Mira utilised are clearly doing their magic because she is able to attest to the advantages.

    It is significant to note that there aren’t any chemicals or techniques to promote hair growth from the follicle that have been scientifically validated. The goal can be accomplished instead by minimising hair damage and enhancing hair strength.

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    Mira Kapoor researched the best ways to do this and adopted a two-pronged strategy: one that attempted to strengthen her roots and the other that promoted hair growth by nourishing her follicles with nutrition supplements and oils. We’ll go over the essential products and procedures the celebrity uses up ahead to keep her hair lustrous and minimise hair loss.

    Here are Mira Kapoor’s suggestions for reducing hair loss:

    Let go of your tight hair ties

    Avoid using thin rubberbands on your buns and ponytails. Overtightening your hair can result in traction alopecia, which causes your hairline to recede as a result of constant pulling and tugging. Change over to using silk and cotton rubberbands and loose, comfy hairstyles.

    Wet hair shouldn’t be combed (or brushed) at all

    To avoid pulling on your follicles after a shower, when they are most delicate and more prone to fallout, towel-dry or let your hair air dry.

    Make sure your shower head has a water softener

    A lot of ‘hard’ minerals, typically calcium and magnesium, are present in hard water. Due to their harsh makeup, these minerals create numerous undesirable conditions to your skin and hair, including drying out the skin, clogging your pores, and frizz. A cheap, simple device can make a big difference for your skin and hair; a fancy, pricey device is not necessary.

    Take a break from the heat for your hair

    Be gentle with your hair and put down the hair dryer and curling iron. Mira Kapoor smoothed out her baby hair with a baby brush before towel-drying her hair delicately. More harm than you would realise is done to your hair by frequent blowouts.

    Use head massages

    Massages for the scalp promote blood flow and accelerate hair development. You can even add a wooden comb to the process, with or without heating oil, to untangle your hair and feel at ease while allowing your scalp to breathe.

    Create a healthy lifestyle

    The golden laws of leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle are to drink plenty of water, eat sensibly, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep. Be kind to your body.

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