Look Snatched with Mind-Muscle Connection

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    We’d heard about mind-muscle connection and mindful training before but weren’t sure how much faith to place in them. We are glad to report that after much research on Sami’s daily advised routines, all of that time thinking about her ass while squatting and lunging has her partner wondering, “Dang! “Have you been squatting?”

    Yeah. It’s considerably more juicy. And these aren’t your first attempts at squats. So, how, or why, does it work? Sami herself weighed in.


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    “When you actively think about the muscle you’re moving, you concentrate all of your intention on the areas that need to be worked. Isolating these actions allows the individual muscles to contract more effectively, resulting in a higher burn and more muscular development.”

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    “Most of the time when working out, your stronger muscles will want to take over and help the weaker ones,” Sami explains. When training the glutes, for example, the quads or hamstrings may frequently want to take over, so the mind-muscle link instructs your body to just contract the glute muscles you focus on.

    In essence, our bodies might become “lazy” when we do not focus our intentions on the muscle(s) we want to train and instead rely on other muscles to assist us. For example, if you try to bulk up your booty by performing a bunch of lunges while thinking about work or what to bake for dinner, your body may compensate by utilising your quads to support you. If you are actively considering utilising those buns, you inevitably will.

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    Consider those glutes, inner thighs, or deep core, and you will see a significant change in a lot shorter period of time.

    Focusing on the work at hand is also quite meditative. Ram Dass advises, “Be here now.” By being present, you may apply the same goal to your workouts. Now is the time to go to work.

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