Hairvolution: Rice Water for Hair

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    As it seems, Japanese court ladies—rather than Cardi B (who, if you follow her on Instagram, may have observed, is leaning into a novel beauty remedy for healthy hair: DIY rice water)—were the first to utilise rice water for hair.

    Rice Water For Hair- A Romance Worth Reading

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    According to legend, their hair care routine included rinsing their suberakashi (floor-length hair) with washing rice water, which may have contributed to their remarkable lengths. So, whether you want to grow out your hair, strengthen it, or both, rice water for your hair may be the solution for you.

    To be honest, “The advantages of rice water are not entirely known, and the benefits of rice water remain unverified.” She does, however, add that there is rising anecdotal evidence of its advantages (albeit more study is needed to back it up).

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    Benefits of rice water for hair

    Strengthens tresses 

    Protein is a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy diet, and it also plays a significant function in keeping hair healthy. Rice water contains protein, which is thought to help enhance the general condition of hair (read: harder, better, faster, stronger).

    Increases radiance 

    Rice Water For Hair- A Romance Worth Reading

    According to anecdotal evidence from rice water for hair supporters, the starchy solution is supposed to add shine to drab locks.

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    Aids in hair development 

    Because rice water contains amino acids that aid in hair renewal, it may enhance hair growth. It also includes vitamins C, B, and E, all of which encourage hair development. Vitamins C, B, and E aid in the strengthening of the hair shaft, and the thicker the shaft, the longer the hair may grow.

    Overturns moisture-induced fatigue 

    Rice Water For Hair- A Romance Worth Reading
    While hair requires hydration to keep healthy, too much moisture can be harmful. Try a protein therapy like rice water rinse to equalize excessively moistened locks (aka hygral exhaustion).
    Detangles hair: Supporters of using rice water for hair believe that it softens strands, making them simpler to disentangle.

    Smoothens hair 

    Weak and/or porous hair has a lot of difficulties holding moisture, resulting in frizz and split ends. The nutritious proteins present in rice water, on the other hand, may counterbalance this, minimising breakage and so increasing hair structure.

    Who should avoid rice water rinse?

    It should not be used by anyone with low porosity hair. Fermented rice water can be acidic, causing hair breakage. Excessive usage, particularly in dry hair, might result in stiffness. And, if applied on the scalp and not thoroughly washed, the residue accumulation can increase the risk of scalp infections, dandruff, and dryness.

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