The Best Ways To Kickstart Your Fat Loss Journey

The Holy Grail To Kickstart Your Fat Loss Journey

Fat loss can be done in many ways, depending on what suits you & your goals. Mixing & matching the various options present before one can be not-a-recipe-for-disaster and aid the race towards their final destination.

Here are 3 ways, individually or combined that one can follow to lose fat :

1. Diet Alone
“You are what you eat”, is true in all its forms. If you eat a balanced meal most days of the week, then it’s likely that you will be able to reach your desired weight & sustain the body type you long for.
Dieting alone definitely works as it’s the most important when it comes to eating in a calorie deficit. Starting to eat a non-restrictive, healthy (which does not include unhealthy items tagged as healthy) diet will make you feel better from the inside.
It will raise your energy levels and make you more productive to complete the deeds for the day.
However, if you’re not exercising and only following a diet plan, it is not possible for you to start seeing any form of definitions, as muscle gain requires you to move & train your body.
While on a diet, there are more chances of one going off track with their foods if they miss even one day. For eg. we all know eating out once won’t make any changes to the weight or fat composition of our body but some people do row the boat with this mentality. They believe one “cheat” meal is the end of their diet and end up quitting altogether. Therefore, exclusively dieting is hard to maintain fat loss.

The Holy Grail To Kickstart Your Fat Loss Journey2. Diet & Strength                                                                                              Amalgamating the perks of dieting with strength training is one of the most wanted and most adapted combinations. While you are on a calorie deficit while only dieting, training will enable you to burn more calories, therefore, creating a larger calorie deficit as your body will burn more calories while at rest.
Strength training will allow you to sculpt your body based on your goals and the exercises you decide to include.
It’s much easier to maintain weight even while going off-trail a few times a week as having more muscle mass in your body fastens your metabolism thereby allowing you to eat more and gain less.

The Holy Grail To Kickstart Your Fat Loss Journey3. Diet, Strength Training & Cardio
This trio is a team for the win. This combination will help you create the largest calorie deficit out of the 3 options mentioned as with the addition of cardio, the number of calories you’ll burn is increased, both while performing it & at rest.
Cardiovascular exercises also improve your heart health and overall stamina. This will allow you to lower your body fat while maintaining a lean figure and snatch the most benefits in your pockets.
In this case, the more is indeed merrier.

These were the 3 ways one can lose fat according to their preferences and options. Before opting for any, one should take into consideration how sustainable each option is, as nothing should be left midway.