Here are top 5 fitness and health trends for a healthy, fit 2023

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    New Year’s resolutions are going to be made by people who are ready to get back into shape and to set fitness goals or to just aim for improved lifestyle habits as 2023 draws closer. But one thing is certain: the emphasis has shifted more than it ever has before away from goals focused on weight loss and “fitting into that old dress” and toward a more holistic approach to health and fitness.

    Because of this, the trends that are likely to emerge in the wellness, health, and fitness arena over the coming year are being shaped, and industry professionals have been revealing some of their most accurate forecasts in this space.

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    1. Mobility Training

    Your body doesn’t care how long you’ve been working out. Pushups, bench presses, and snatches can all cause shoulder injuries if you have a shoulder with a restricted range of motion and continuously jamming it.

    You wish to increase in stature, power, and velocity, right? If you’re only doing weightlifting and conditioning each week, you’re missing one of the three essential factors for success. Where is it lacking? Mobility is your physical capability of moving all that flesh and muscle around.

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    Mobility isn’t the same as flexibility, though it is close. Improved mobility includes both flexibility and strength, and it’s essential for things like squatting more deeply, pressing more forcefully, and jumping higher. Stretching is also primed to have a major moment in 2023.

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    2. Standing Core Workouts

    Everyone is aware of the significance of a solid core  to, well, anything. Stable core muscles may make a huge difference in how you feel throughout any physical activity, from walking to jogging to weightlifting. There are a variety of exercises and routines you can do to strengthen and define your core, especially your abs.

    Regular sit-ups and crunches have their place, but there are distinct advantages to strengthening your core while standing up. Doing so can help you avoid injuries connected to poor balance, engage more muscle groups (including your glutes, lower back muscles, and even your upper body muscles), and improve your posture more effectively than supine (laying face up) motions.

    If you want to increase the difficulty of your core exercises, try using weights like kettlebells or dumbbells. In addition, those with larger chests may find standing core workouts to be more manageable (and way more comfortable, too). Well, all of it with the new beginning of 2023.

    3. Foam Rolling

    Foam rollers have become easily accessible, either shared at the gym or you can buy one at a minimal investment from a sporting goods store. Using the foam roller can deliver improvements in flexibility, muscle recovery, movement efficiency, inhibiting overactive muscles, and pain reduction with just minutes of application.

    It may hurt to roll over sore regions, but regular foam rolling can increase flexibility, circulation, and more. The foam roller is useful for both pre- and post-workout routines.

    Can you expect to see weight loss by using a foam roller? Yes! Foam rolling does help with weight loss since it increases circulation and activates muscles more deeply. However, it is not only useful for recovery; it can you burn extra calories during your workout.

    4. Working Out for your Mental Health

    Physical exercise strengthens muscles and, potentially, the mind as well. Recent studies have shown that regular exercise can help alleviate and possibly prevent mental health problems including sadness and anxiety. Increased physical activity has been found to enhance mood, improve energy levels, and promote quality sleep.

    Thankfully, numerous forms of physical activity have been shown to positively affect mental health. Find an activity, from weightlifting to running, that you can do regularly and look forward to performing. Listed below are several forms of physical activity that may help improve mental health:
    • Yoga
    • Tai Chi (ancient chinese martial art form)
    • Aerobics (such as running, cycling or swimming)

    Finding an activity that you take pleasure in doing will bring more happiness into your life. It’s time to resist the pressure that tells you to workout in a certain way in order for it to “count,” rather than forcing yourself to go through a brutal HIIT session. Instead, the biggest fitness trend for 2023 is all about moving in a way that will make both your body and brain feel wonderful. Finding a workout that you enjoy, whether it be a cardio dance class or the pleasure of nonstop punching, might help you feel your best.

    5. Embrace ‘Exercise Snacks’

    A healthy “exercise snack” is a 15-minute workout done twice a day during the week. There is a recommendation that adults engage in 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week, but if you don’t have a workout routine in place, this may seem unattainable.

    Start including healthy, post-workout snacks in your regular routine in 2023. Consistent and regular physical activity has been linked to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, and many other serious health conditions. Among the many possible “snacks” are brisk walks, rides on bikes, brief circuits of cardiovascular exercises, and even mowing the yard.

    Just as you’d like a cherry on top of your new year cake for a great celebration, you celebrate everyday moments of joy sprinkled throughout your life. Remember: Small steps make big progress, and a little joy can go a long way.

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