The Health Benefits of Crying, Explained by a Therapist

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    Crying is a normal emotional reaction. While we commonly link sobbing with sadness, it may also be associated with tremendous enjoyment and, sometimes, triggers such as rage and anguish. It is the body’s reaction to an emotion, and it also helps to maintain the eyes healthy. “Crying is a healthy, normal human function that allows you to reduce pain, keep your eyes healthy, and create support networks,” stated Therapist Anna Papaioannou in explaining the advantages of weeping. Anna went on to describe the different types of tears and how they serve to keep the eyes healthy:

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    Basal tears:

    These are the fundamental tears that contain a fluid called Iysozyme, which has antibacterial qualities. Basal tears also contribute to keeping the eyes moist.

    Reflex tears:

    These tears occur as a reaction to anything irritating to the eyes, such as dust or while chopping onions.

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    “Emotional tears not only have a calming and pain-relieving effect on the body, but they also contain stress hormones that naturally regulate the amount of cortisol in your body,” the expert stated.

    Anna went on to list the benefits of weeping and how it helps to keep the eyes healthy:

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    Healthy nerves:

    Human tears include nerve-growth factors, which aid in the growth and survival of neurons.

    Relaxing impact:

    Crying reduces stress hormones, resulting in a relaxing effect and activation of the parasympathetic nervous system.


    Crying is a type of attachment behaviour, and while it is a personal process, it has been shown to increase compassion and social behaviour.

    Crying, a natural response to pain, aids in pain relief by releasing endorphins and oxytocin.

    Cleaning the eyes:

    Tears keep the eyes clean and moist.

    When the eyes are not adequately moisturised, they might cause foggy vision. Basal tears, which are generated every time we blink, are crucial for keeping the eyes wet and the mucus protected.


    Crying is a means for the body to release stress chemicals, and it has been shown to lower stress after a good cry.

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