Steer Clear: Foods to Avoid for Water Weight Management

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    Most of us don’t want to seem puffy, swollen, or bloated. Water weight (excess water retained between blood vessels and in our tissues) might be the culprit. It frequently affects the legs, feet, fingers, abdomen, and face, and it can cause stiff and achy joints.

    Water weight variations can range from two to four pounds every day, and in rare cases, much more. Although it is not usually a health issue (unless there is an underlying illness), it may make many of us feel down.

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    Water weight can be caused by drugs, dehydration, prolonged sitting or standing, and hormonal changes. Certain meals and beverages may also be the causes, which is what we’re discussing today.

    If you want to lose water weight rapidly or prevent accumulating it in the first place, avoid the following foods:

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    Yes, it may seem simple, but salty meals are a typical source of water weight. To be clear, we’re not referring to the salt you use in your cuisine. The bulk of salt consumed by many people comes from processed foods.

    Chips, quick food, and packaged snacks contain a lot of hidden salt, which makes us thirsty and need more water. Despite the more water, the higher salt intake causes our urine production to remain constant as our systems strive to balance the sodium levels in the cells. Water weight is formed as a result of this water retention.

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    Swelling and bloating can be caused by refined carbs. When we eat things like bread, spaghetti, fries, rice, and so on, the surplus energy that we don’t need straight away is stored in our muscles as glycogen.

    Our bodies retain three grammes of water for every gramme of glycogen stored in our muscles. That is why we wake up with a big face and bloated sensation after eating a lot of pizza, snacks, and spaghetti.


    As previously stated, sugar (a refined carbohydrate) increases water retention by storing extra glycogen. However, it elevates insulin levels, which causes our kidneys to retain salt and water.

    As if water retention wasn’t awful enough, we’re adding salt to the mix. So, to assist in minimising and avoiding water weight gain, avoid sugary meals.

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