Expert’s Top 5 Exercises for Runners’ Peak Performance

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    You must do more than simply run to be a good runner.

    While jogging frequently improves your endurance and stamina, there are some components of your total fitness that cannot be improved while on the go. Sufiya Sufi ‘Runner,’ an Under Armour athlete and Indian ultra runner, believes that building muscle strength is essential before engaging in a high-intensity activity like running. “Running is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise, but if you don’t do other activities like strength and core workouts, you risk muscle imbalance and potential injury,” she explains. Muscle strengthening is essential for being faster and fitter on the pitch.

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    There are several activities that can enhance your running performance, whether you are a casual runner or an athlete in training. We met down with Sufi to create a runner-specific routine that you can add to your crossfit or gym workouts.


    Squats are highly suggested for all levels of runners. They strengthen your legs while also preventing you from running-related ailments by boosting knee stability. If you want to improve your mobility, concentrate on deep squats. If you want to improve your strength, incorporate weighted squats into your training programme.

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    As a runner, you must have strong core muscles. Include several plank variants in your exercises to enhance your technique, balance, and motion control. This will allow you to run faster while remaining injury-free.

    Mountain climbers

    Mountain climbers are a terrific dynamic workout for athletes since they combine cardio and strength training. They assist you to build core strength, and upper and lower body strength, and get into the habit of moving your feet faster.

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    Lunges, also known as running exaggerations, are an essential part of every runner’s training regimen. They are essential for lengthening your stride, which can increase your total speed. They also aid in the development of lower-body strength, allowing you to be stronger and more powerful.

    Resistance band exercises for the lower body

    Exercises that use resistance bands, such as glute extensions and hip adductions, serve to develop your glutes and quads. To improve their performance, runners should concentrate on their lower body.

    Sufi emphasises the necessity of investing in quality running gear. “Having the right shoe and apparel significantly helps runners in their performance,” she explains.

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