Cottage Cheese Resurgence: A Revival of a Classic Dairy Delight

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    Don’t be alarmed—we’re just Little Miss Muffet, munching on curds and whey. In case you missed it, cottage cheese is basically simply that. And if none of you dairy lovers try it, you’re losing out.

    First and foremost, it’s high in protein, making it an excellent afternoon snack or post-workout meal. Up to 25 grammes of muscle-building protein may be found in one modest container (about one cup).

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    Full-fat cottage cheese is an excellent method to nourish both your brain and your body. High-protein meals with healthy fats digest more slowly, keeping us fuller for longer and preventing frequent snacking. It’s also high in calcium, which is an important component of bone structure—definitely a snack for strength.

    Cottage Cheese Resurgence: A Revival of a Classic Dairy Delight

    Looking for some delicious advantages as well?

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    Cottage cheese is quite versatile. It pairs well with fruit and chia seeds (think blueberries or pineapple) for a zesty, textural, sweet and acidic basis.

    Don’t forget about savoury foods

    Try it with cottage cheese, chopped cherry tomatoes, salt & pepper, sauerkraut, and a drizzle of good olive oil. Serve it as a side dish with your favourite skillet quesadilla and some spicy sauce.

    We’re also finding it:

    • On toast for high-protein-plus-carbohydrate post-workout sustenance
    • With everything bagel spice and avocado slices
    • As a dip for grain-free crackers with chilli oil
    • With honey and granola
    • Used as a ricotta or oil substitute in baked items.
    • Added to a soft egg scramble
    • Combined with fresh pasta shells
    • Made into a pancake
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    The list could go on and on. What was previously a drab, dull, lumpy, or even nasty old-school snack has been transformed into a diverse, nutrient-dense meal or component.

    This one’s for you, protein junkies!

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