Should you drink celery juice first thing in the morning?

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    Celery juice, dubbed the detox queen, has now ascended to the health kingdom. We’ve finally accepted green vegetables for what they are: the route to a healthier body. From Popeye’s adoration of spinach to Gwyneth Paltrow’s kale obsession, each of these vegetables has had its turn in the spotlight — and 2022 appears to be the year celery gets the (green) thumbs up! According to legend, this amazing superfood provides enormous health advantages for your system, especially when ingested in the morning. Is the gossip accurate, or is this simply another craze that celebs swear by?

    Garima Goyal, a dietitian and diabetes educator, breaks down all you need to know about celery juice and whether it’s simply a fad.

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    Should you drink celery juice first thing in the morning?

    A word of caution: 

    While celery is a versatile green, it should not be ingested by people who have irritable bowel syndrome or need to keep their salt levels stable. Goyal also claims that celery might induce heat rash and swelling in certain people, so if you are sensitive to it, limit your usage.

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    Celery juice is high in a variety of minerals, including fibre, vitamins A, C, and K, as well as potassium. It has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities that assist to preserve blood vessels, preventing organ damage, and combating inflammation. “The antioxidants present assist protect the digestive system, while a large amount of natural fibre aids in digestion,” Goyal explains. Celery consumption is important for decreasing blood pressure and improving heart health.”

    Rather than juicing it, eat it whole

    Clearly, celery is the superhero that it is portrayed to be! And, because the world is obsessed with reducing everything into a pulp, we posed the age-old question: is this fixation depleting nutrients? Goyal, like other dietitians, believes that whole foods are always preferable to juiced foods. “Both celery juice and raw celery are good for you. Whole celery, on the other hand, has more fibre, which is sometimes decreased when juiced. Furthermore, the entire celery keeps you satiated longer than a glass of juice. According to Goyal, eating celery causes your body to absorb more fibre, which improves intestinal health and benefits weight reduction.

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    Aside from that, it helps to maintain the body’s acid balance by stimulating alkaline and decreasing acidity levels. Furthermore, it contains several skin-benefiting properties!

    Get up and smell the celery

    The internet advocates drinking this early in the morning for a reason, and it has a lot to do with celery’s high fibre level. “Eating celery early thing in the morning aids with detoxification. It helps weight reduction due to its high fibre content, and having it in the morning might hasten the process.” She also mentions that celery is 95% water, making it an extremely hydrating vegetable to ingest. “Having it first thing in the morning hydrates the body and assists digestion throughout the day.”

    This does not imply that celery is only an early bird; it is also a night owl. Having it as a nighttime snack keeps the stomach fuller, which reduces cravings and benefits in weight reduction. Goyal advises adding it to recipes or blending it with your morning smoothie instead than eating it whole or drinking its juice!

    According to Goyal, taking four stalks of celery (as a whole) or 475 ml (as celery juice) is sufficient for one’s health. Consume no more than four stalks every week.

    Garima Goyal’s spin on celery juice

    Do you want to learn how to create celery juice? Cut up some green apple slices, celery stalks, lemon drops, and ginger paste. Blend until smooth, then serve and enjoy!

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