Physical activity is an important component of a healthy lifestyle for children because it builds the groundwork for future wellness. It can also lower the chances of getting overweight as an adult or acquiring type 2 diabetes. So it is crucial to know about all the best exercises for kids. 

Training specific muscle areas early on can also help your child develop more complicated motor abilities, such as dribbling a basketball or riding a bike. Here are 6 simple and enjoyable activities for children, as well as suggestions for incorporating them into your child’s daily routine.


Running is the most basic kind of exercise, and it’s ideal for youngsters’ apparently limitless energy and demand for speed.

Children can run outside or indoors, such as in a gym, through a corridor, or even around (and around, and around) a huge table.

Running may also be mixed with other movements to create active games such as baton races.

While running, try something new: Change up the gait parameters by having youngsters alternate between running and skipping, or try running in place with their feet extremely near to the ground (this is called “fast feet”).


Jumping is another key ability that develops on hopping, which most toddlers can achieve by 18 months. Jumping, like running, improves balance and coordination while also developing leg and core muscles.

Indoor ball games

These 6 Are Some Of The Best Exercises For Kids

Ball sports, whether indoors or outside, may provide excellent exercise for children. Aerobic exercise, stability, and synchronization practice are just a few of the advantages. (Plus, youngsters are drawn to any activity that involves a ball.)

Some examples of indoor ball sports that do not necessitate the use of a court- 

  1. Balls tossed into washing baskets
  2. Using a household item to hit balls at a target
  3. Using a plastic mixing bowl to catch balls
  4. Tossing, rolling, or kicking a ball up against a wall

These 6 Are Some Of The Best Exercises For Kids

Skipping is a highly coordinated activity that enhances running and leaping abilities. Skipping also enhances stability, coordination, rhythm, and reflexes, or the capacity to detect your body’s location and motions.

Bear crawls

These 6 Are Some Of The Best Exercises For Kids

Small toddlers might be encouraged to practise bear crawls by using their imaginations. Allow your children to act out the role of bears, wandering through a forest hunting for food or attempting to trap another animal.

Crab walking

These 6 Are Some Of The Best Exercises For Kids

These are excellent for children who sit all day and for developing strength and endurance. These, like bear crawls, encourage active play that relies on a figment of the imagination. Younger children may like pretending to be crabs strolling over the sand on a beach, whereas older children may enjoy racing one other while practising crab walks.