9 Eye Practices You Should Do On A Daily Basis

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    Close your eyes and place your palms together. Rub your hands together to warm them up. hand them over Inhale deeply for 5 minutes after cupping your hands over each eye.


    Our blink rate slows as we use electronic devices more frequently. Close your eyes tightly, pause for 2 seconds, and then reopen them. Repeat the procedure ten times to stimulate the oil glands.

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    Figure 8

    This exercise aids in the easy tracking of an object. Concentrate on a point 10 feet away on the floor. Imagine figure 8 with your eyes fixed on that point. Continue for 30 seconds before changing directions.

    20-20-20 Rule

    Our vision system becomes fatigued when working from a closer distance. The 20-20-20 rule can help you solve this problem. For every 20 minutes of close work, focus for 20 seconds on a target 20 feet away.

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    Focus shift

    Concentrate your attention on one finger a few inches away from your eye. Move your finger away from your face slowly. Now concentrate on a distant object and then on your finger. Repeat the procedure three times.

    Movements of the eyes

    Close your eyes and slowly move them up and down three times. Then, three times, move the eyes to the left and then to the right. This exercise reduces digital eye strain.

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    Push-ups with a pencil

    This solves the convergence insufficiency problem. Hold a pencil between your eyes at arm’s length. Continue to look at the pencil as a single image and slowly move it towards the nose. Position the pencil at the closest point where it is still a single image and move it towards the nose until it is no longer a single image. Rep 20 times more.

    The Brock string

    This exercise aids in the improvement of eye coordination. Take a long string and a variety of coloured beads. Attach one end of the string to a stationary object. Hold the opposite end of the string just below the nose. Put one bead on the string and look at it straight in the eyes with both eyes open.


    This is also an eye-focusing exercise that can be done while sitting comfortably. Stretch your arm out with your thumb in a hitchhiking position. Bring your thumb three inches in front of your face and concentrate on it. Move the thumb away again until the arm is fully extended. Repeat for several minutes.

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