5 Exercises for a Chiseled Jawline: Say Goodbye to Face Fat!

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    Face yoga, which focuses on workouts to remove face fat, is growing more popular as a chiselled jawline becomes scarcer than six-pack abs. Face yoga may appear gimmicky at first, but think about it. We spend hours at the gym or at a Yoga class trying to tone our muscles and lose body fat. So why not show the same politeness to our faces? While a little stomach chub may be readily disguised behind layers of fashionable clothing, the face fat is significantly more difficult to conceal. True, regular exercise might help you lose some of your face flab, but a double chin or chubby cheeks can be tough. Face yoga can help with that.

    These facial workouts not only assist to decrease face fat but also increase blood circulation, resulting in better skin. Some even claim that they battle wrinkles. Whether they make you seem younger or not, completing face workouts can sharpen all of your front camera angles and improve your selfie game. What’s the best part? There’s no need for a gym membership or a lot of equipment. These face exercises may be done anywhere, at any time, and in only a few minutes.

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    How to Reduce Face Fat: 5 Effective Exercises 

    Jivha Bandha 

    Jivha Bandha, also known as the locked tongue posture, is a Yoga asana that strengthens and lengthens your neck, decreases double chin fat, and helps you achieve a razor-sharp jawline. It’s a simple task that is frequently done while sitting comfortably. Begin by placing your tongue over the bridge of your mouth. Apply pressure to the top wall until you feel a tiny strain on your neck. Repeat this exercise several times.


    Many face yoga practitioners use the mouthwash method. Some of its advantages include fat loss in the cheeks and reduction of the double chin. The workout, as you might have guessed from the name, is a reenactment of your morning mouthwash ritual. Fill your mouth with air and move it from one side to the other, as if you were washing your mouth. Repeat this practice many times.

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    The face of a fish

    You’ve undoubtedly done this pouty workout before. But did you know it also firms your skin and sharpens your jawline? You only need to pucker your lips and drag your cheekbones inwards. For a better outcome, try smiling while holding this facial posture. Hold this stance for a few seconds before repeating it.

    Drooping chin

    This workout is simple to do at your desk in between work breaks. Place your chin on top of your fist and one elbow on the table. Then, for further difficulty, attempt to widen your lips as wide as possible while exerting pressure with your hand. This action engages the muscles beneath your feet. This movement works the muscles under your chin, thereby accentuating your jawline. Release the tension after a few seconds and repeat the exercise a couple of times.

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    Clenched jaw

    This exercise is self-explanatory and helpful for toning the muscles around your jawline. Clench your jaw for a few seconds, as though you’re angry and grinding your teeth. As you do this, the strain in your jaw should increase. Release the stance and do it a few more times.

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