Robin Uthappa’s Personal Trainer Shares Post-Retirement Fitness Secrets

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    How seriously the recently retired cricketer takes his workout regimen is revealed by the celebrity trainer.

    In September 2022, Robin Uthappa, who had played professionally for 16 years, including 15 illustrious IPL seasons, announced his retirement from cricket. Even today, the 36-year-old batsman is remembered for his role in India’s victory at the 2007 T20 World Cup. He played for the Chennai Super Kings in 2021 and the Kolkata Knight Riders in 2014, respectively, and won the IPL twice. “I recall seeing him when he debuted in 2006. According to Sohrab Khushrushahi, founder and coach at Sohfit, “He’s always been one of the fittest individuals around. 

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    Khushrushahi and Robin began working out together in April 2021, around the time of the IPL. He has had the chance to work closely with the fitness coach both within and outside of the competition, and he has continued to train him since his retirement. We met down with him to learn more about his exercise regimen and how he maintains his physical fitness in his 30s. 

    The former cricketer Robin Uthappa's personal trainer discusses how he keeps active now that he's retired

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    What significant changes have you noticed in Robin Uthappa’s fitness since you began working with him?

    KHUSHRUSHAHI SOHRAB: I was teaching his wife, a former professional tennis player when he first came to me. In addition to making it seem good, our aim was to encourage him to play his sport and keep him injury-free during the IPL or any other competition. Because he has been working out for 20–25 years and understands the fundamentals quite well, he is incredibly fit and simple to coach. We made an effort to improve his mobility and develop certain muscles that would aid him in his bouts. There is no doubt that things have changed since then. He got through the entire IPL 2021 tournament without getting injured. From that perspective, I think we achieved what we needed to and he’s definitely gotten a lot fitter than he was.

    Give a brief explanation of the exercise plan you have created for him. What are his routine’s primary focal points?

    SK: Whether we were in the peak or off-peak season would affect his routine. We would concentrate on overall physical training throughout the off-season to make sure he was game-ready. He would go to Mumbai once the tournament season had begun, and we would work together to get him prepared for action. The goal was to physically fortify him so that he could compete throughout the full competition. There are games once or twice a week during the 8–12 week IPL season. Therefore, we needed to make sure he was prepared for that. In-season, we would concentrate on upkeep and refrain from doing anything fun, because, during this period, his skill training held the most importance.

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    How does his history as a former cricket player affect his present level of fitness?

    SK: He has always worked on his fitness and taken it seriously, says SK.  His obsession with the game is unwavering, and he would stop at nothing to play it at the greatest level. I don’t believe this will ever change. Therefore, in my opinion, he has been a very simple guy to train. He’s never backed down. 

    Could you share a couple of activities you practise with him that any fitness fanatic over the age of 30 may incorporate?

    SK: We mainly focused on building up his muscles because they guarded his joints. Nothing out of the usual occurred. Every workout we performed was simple and is often overlooked in modern society because it doesn’t appear cool. Working with an athlete has the advantage that they are familiar with the fundamentals. The following workouts are suitable for those in their 30s, 40s, and even 50s.

    • Squats and their many variations
    • Deadlifts and anything with a heel pattern
    • Power moves like jumping and biometric work
    • Upper body strengthening exercises like pull-ups and push-ups

    What are some healthy lifestyle habits beginners may adopt to help them reach their fitness goals more quickly?

    SK: I believe consistency is the first thing we attempted to build with Robin—and that I try with everyone. The second step was for him to improve his eating habits.

    Many people find it challenging to organise and balance their eating. He was also supposed to be consistent with his eating habits. Thirdly, we focused on exerting the necessary effort. We made an effort to make exercise enjoyable and establish the fundamentals. He would continuously perform the same thing to get better at it, so he never grew bored. People in today’s world need to comprehend that. We occupy a world where everything has to be quick and instant. What people don’t realize is that monotony is important. 

    What would you say about his fitness philosophy?

    He’s a beast, says SK. I cherish him. He’s one of the men I think is easiest to coach since he never gives up. He has never caved in, not even when he was having a bad day or was exhausted. In the past 18 months, I can’t think of a single instance in which he wasn’t motivated to train. 

    He has been eager to work and has a wonderful attitude. He is incredibly dedicated, which is why he has also been so successful at cricket. He is aware of the steps required to reach his destination. With him, there are no concessions. 

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