5 Roadblocks to Biceps Muscle Growth

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    Anyone who wants big guns? But there are some challenges along the way to developing strong biceps. Even when you’ve been working out for hours at the gym, your arm muscles won’t start to bulge until you hit one of these obstacles. An incorrect form might be one factor contributing to your growth becoming sluggish. Regardless of expertise, there are several common bicep training errors people make, such as neglecting the triceps and forgetting about nutrition.

    To learn more about the training errors that hinder larger biceps, we chatted with Vikas Jain, the managing director of Anytime Fitness India. Whether you’ve recently started working out or are a complete newbie, watch out for these blunders.

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    Avoid making these 5 bicep training errors.

    Adding excessive weight to the bar

    Does heavier weight produce better results? No, not always. “By adding weight plates to the bar, you would have to use momentum to move the bar upward. Your biceps will have to work less as a result, says Jain. He advises mixing back exercises like rows, pull-ups, and pull-downs with bicep workouts for a strong pump rather than concentrating on the weight and the numbers. 

    Not performing all the repetitions

    In the twelfth repetition, a movement that appeared simple or manageable in the first may appear impossible. Even so, it’s crucial to complete all of your reps because that’s the only method to add additional muscle. However, it’s also not a good idea to set ambitious goals for yourself and then push through with them. Occasionally, Jain advises, “you might channel your inner CT Fletcher and keep reppin’ out until you can’t anymore.” Pay attention to your body as well as your trainer.

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    Overlooking the triceps

    “Many find it tempting to try to beat the targeted group of muscles into oblivion in the zest for building biceps,” explains Jain. Focus on all of the arm muscles, especially your triceps, rather than overworking your biceps. You can do this to develop arms that are generally toned and strong.

    Sticking to a few routine actions 

    “Biceps exercises just need you to bend your arm slightly; this is the only important motion. However, this does not imply that you should perform a lot of the same fundamental exercise repeatedly during your workout, according to Jain. You may offer your biceps a more complete workout by shifting the hand location throughout various workouts, motions, and grip configurations (such as palms up, palms down, and palms facing in).

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    Neglecting nutrition

    Not everything prepared in the kitchen results in abs. Nutrition is crucial for developing muscle. “Your food intake will significantly contribute to the success of increasing arm growth. To add more bulk to your biceps, a high-calorie diet would be ideal, advises Jain. He continues by saying that in addition to your protein supplements, you can utilise a calorie counter or a macronutrient calculator with a muscle growth option.

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