5 Bedtime Routine Hacks You Need to Try For a Better Sleep

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    Sleep tight, baby

    If getting ready for bed involves scrolling through your FYP while paying only partial attention to the TV show playing in the background until your eyelids are too tired to stay up any longer… We’re sorry to break it to you, but you’re not living your best life.

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    You probably already know—or, at the very least, suspect—that those overnight behaviours contribute to waking up foggy, nervous, and fatigued. And, although developing a morning routine might help minimise the effects of a 2 a.m. deep dive into TikTok’s extreme couponers, having a good sleep routine is even better.

    Set yourself up for a good night’s sleep with these tried-and-true nighttime ritual hacks:

    Bathe in the red light

    We should all be aware by now that blue light—the sort emitted by our phones, laptops, and televisions—is not good to look at immediately before night since it might interfere with melatonin synthesis.

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    Red light wavelengths, on the other hand, may assist promote melatonin synthesis and alleviate sleep inertia the next morning, according to a study.

    Don’t forget about magnesium

    Magnesium is a non-negotiable for us here at Poosh. That’s because it’s involved in over 300 different bodily activities, yet most of us don’t get enough of it. Incorporating magnesium into your evening routine, whether in ingestible or topical form, can help soothe the nervous system and relax muscles, resulting in more peaceful sleep.

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    Beverage + decorative glass = <3

    Drinks simply taste better when they are served in a nice cup. (After all, we don’t write the rules.) We enjoy relaxing with a mug of tea or a glass of fancy water in a wine or cocktail glass.

    Disable autoplay

    Turning off autoplay on your streaming devices makes it more difficult to binge-watch a show (and stay up much too late).

    Place your phone far (far) away

    If you’re anything like us, the desire to scroll diminishes when you have to get out of bed and move across the room to do it.

    Then do the same thing using your remote

    Instead, give the coveted within-reach-of-the-couch location to a low-tech pastime, such as a book or a notebook.

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