The Best Fitness Gifts to Give, and Get this year!

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    We all know at least one person who can’t go without breaking a sweat. If you’re looking for presents for the fitness enthusiasts in your life, you have come to the perfect place. All things listed below could inspire your friends and family to switch things up or maybe establish new routines.

    We have carefully chosen products that are practical, strong, and fashionable, ranging from water bottles and yoga props to free weights and high-tech equipment. And if you want to spend a little extra on a gift for a friend or family member (or for yourself), we have you covered.

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    With the holiday season round the corner, here are some fitness gifts recommendations for you.

    1. Fitness Journal/Workout Planner
      The Best Fitness Gifts to Give, and Get this year!Yes, there are a ton of high-tech gadgets available for tracking fitness. But sometimes the tried-and-tested approach works best. Writing down workouts is a simple method to reduce distractions in the gym and can help someone more easily see patterns and gauge progress.
    2. Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle
      The Best Fitness Gifts to Give, and Get this year!Not only is the stainless steel water bottle sterile but also it is very easy to clean. When it comes to durability and reusability, stainless steel bottles are by far the best option as compared to glass or plastic bottles. There are so many options in terms of design and colors available in the market that it is difficult to find something that you won’t like. Stainless steel doesn’t leave any taste when any other drink is poured, unlike plastic reusable bottles which retain the taste. It retains the taste and also allows the bacteria to set in. Shakers with markers are definitely a steal!
    3. Chest Wrap Heart Rate Monitor
      The Best Fitness Gifts to Give, and Get this year!With a 99.6% accuracy rate, chest straps have been found to be the most accurate way to measure heart rate. However, the wrist-worn gadgets are much less precise. A smartwatch should suffice for you if all you want is real-time heart rate monitoring and don’t care about pinpoint accuracy.
    4. Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set
      The Best Fitness Gifts to Give, and Get this year!An acupressure mat may help relieve pain, fatigue, muscle tension, and stress. And they might even help sleep better. Acupressure mats stimulate many acupressure points indiscriminately, as opposed to targeted acupressure treatments provided by a professional.
    5. Balance Board Trainer
      Buy XCMAN Bamboo Balance Board Trainer with Adjustable Stoppers - 3 Different Distance Options | Balance Board for Surfing, Snowboarding, Skiing, Skateboarding , Yoga Training Online at Low Prices in India - Amazon.inNearly anyone can find a way to challenge themselves on a balance board. The device helps to develop:
      – Balance and coordination
      – Motor skills and reaction time
      – Core strength that helps you keep moving at any age
      – Strength and steadiness that can contribute to injury prevention
      Something as simple as trying to stand still on a balance board can do a lot for stability, coordination and spatial awareness, making it a superb gift!
    6. Grip Socks
      The Best Fitness Gifts to Give, and Get this year!Slipping while practicing poses is the last thing anyone wants to do. Having the right yoga socks is essential for this reason. Give your recipient these grip socks, which will keep them in place during their subsequent session of hot yoga. Make a winning fitness gift set by combining it with a yoga mat!
    7. Smart Jump Rope
      The Best Fitness Gifts to Give, and Get this year!The best smart jump ropes are adjustable for the height, track the metrics your recipient care about (such as workout time and number of jumps), and offer any additional features that matter to them, from guided workouts to removable handle weights.
    8. Kettlebell Exercise Cards
      The Best Fitness Gifts to Give, and Get this year!Your recipient will never have to do the same workout twice. It kills boredom and increases motivation. They can just shuffle the deck and deal themselves a workout. It’s ideally for experts as the difficulty level may be progressive.
    9. Audio Sunglasses
      The Best Fitness Gifts to Give, and Get this year!We are pretty sure runners get nervous running outdoors while wearing headphones. These shades feature built-in Bose speakers so they can enjoy their favorite tunes without blocking out important surrounding sounds (like traffic on a road). The classic shape looks just as good with a regular outfit as it does with the workout fit, that’s something, right? Check here.
    10. Full Face Sculpt Kit
      The Best Fitness Gifts to Give, and Get this year!This kit is perfect for throwing in a gym bag, and it contains the brand’s Face Ball, which helps detoxify and de-puff skin, and a face wash, face oil, and moisturizer. The skincare products are also vegan and cruelty-free. It’s good for:
      – Dryness
      – Loss of firmness
      – Anti-Aging

    When it comes to gifts, its the thought that counts, even thoughts for fitness gifts. Be it a yoga mat, or a dumbbell, just giving someone a little boost to their movement practice can be a thoughtful way to support their fitness goals all year long. We know you will end up finding something for your giftee on this list, and chances are, they haven’t bought it for themselves just yet.

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