Sound frequency therapy

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    Let’s tackle the sizable charged crystal in the room: the concept of using sound frequencies for better health may sound a bit unconventional. However, Laura Widney, President of Soaak Clinics, asserts that it is “scientifically grounded and increasingly supported by research.” She notes that this form of therapy has roots dating back over 40,000 years, serving as a healing modality.

    Motivated by a desire to make this therapy globally accessible, Widney collaborated with medical professionals and holistic practitioners to refine sound therapy. This collaboration resulted in the establishment of Soaak Clinics and an accompanying app.

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    Unlike some other modalities, sound frequency therapy doesn’t demand complete silence or focused attention. You can experience its benefits while listening to music or an audiobook.

    Laura shares the basics of sound frequency therapy:

    What is Sound Frequency Therapy

    Laura explains, “Sound frequency therapy utilizes specific sound vibrations to positively impact the body and mind.” The underlying principle is that everything, including our bodies, vibrates at a specific frequency. Exposure to external sound frequencies can synchronize the body with these vibrations, a process known as sympathetic resonance.

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    To illustrate, Laura uses the analogy of two tuning forks. If one tuning fork vibrates near another of the same frequency, the second fork begins to vibrate without direct contact. Similarly, exposure to certain sound frequencies during therapy can align the body with these frequencies, restoring balance and leading to therapeutic effects.

    How Does it Work

    Different frequencies target specific body parts for rapid responses, such as the amygdala (processing emotions like fear and anxiety) and the anterior cingulate cortex (controlling emotional reactions and pain perception).

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    For example, certain frequencies induce deep relaxation to reduce stress, while others enhance mental focus and clarity. This natural and holistic approach leverages the body’s innate ability to harmonize with external frequencies, fostering healing and overall well-being.

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