Salma Hayek Reveals Bikini Body Secrets for Looking Great!

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    Salma Hayek is well aware of how attractive she appears in a swimsuit. The 56-year-old recently shared her simple training routine for the swimming pool to celebrate achieving 25 million followers on Instagram after treating the world to numerous photos of herself wearing itsy-bitsy string bikinis recently.

    “Given that you guys enjoy seeing me in a bikini the most”, she provided a bikini exercise in the caption. “I detest working out, but I adore dancing in the water to celebrate happy occasions. Aqua aerobics would have a much more glitzy reputation if all courses looked like the accompanying video. Not your neighbourhood recreation centre.”


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    Exercise in the water is far easier on the joints than doing the same movements on dry land, which is important for women going through menopause because bones naturally grow more brittle at this time. Examples include in-pool leg lifts and crunches. A certain amount of resistance from the water is good for developing strength, but you are also less likely to get hurt. Not to mention how working out in the water keeps your body temperature down and eliminates sweating.

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    Without the sweaty, red face later, is it enjoyable and low-impact? With her swimming pool routine, Hayek is on to something.

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