Explore celebrity-endorsed workouts on your vacation, from Anushka Sharma to Lisa Haydon

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    Getting and staying fit is a big deal, especially in the world of fame. Ever wondered how the celebs keep their fitness game strong? Well, take a peek into their world of relentless workouts, even when they’re soaking up the sun on a vacation that never seems to end. From striking yoga poses on mountain peaks to catching waves on the beach, these stars understand that fitness is more than just a routine—it’s a lifestyle. Here’s a snapshot from Janhvi Kapoor to Anushka Sharma and Lisa Haydon, giving us some major fitness inspiration even when they’re off the grid.

    Janhvi Kapoor

    Kapoor may have escaped to the hills, but her dedication to fitness stayed on point. While chilling with friends in Mussorie, she made time for a quick yoga session, flowing through asanas like downward dogs, warrior poses, and side planks.

    Sara Ali Khan


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     During her Maldives getaway, Sara Ali Khan was literally “swinging into the weekend” with an aerial yoga session. This anti-gravity power play not only targets and enhances your core but also keeps it easy on the joints, building strength. Swinging from a hammock? Now that’s what we call a celeb workout with a twist.

    Camila Cabello

    Paddleboarding is the name of the game for Camila Cabello. Flaunting a bikini, holding a paddle in the air, and balancing on a board – it’s not just a beach day; it’s a serious core workout. Standup paddleboarding demands balance on a board with water beneath, making it a powerhouse for that killer core.

    Kriti Sanon


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    When Kriti Sanon explored Ladakh, she shared her holiday workout routine, featuring squats with a good ol’ piece of stone. “Who needs a gym?” she asked. Apparently, not her! Embracing nature in unexpected ways? That’s the star way.

    Anushka Sharma


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    Anushka Sharma’s post-Maldives holiday is not just about fun; it’s about fitness. Cycling adventures aren’t just a blast; they give your lungs, heart, and blood vessels a serious workout, boosting overall fitness levels.

    Lisa Haydon


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    Mastering the waves is no walk in the park, but Lisa Haydon nails it. Balancing, core strength, perseverance – it’s all part of the game. From building core strength to endurance, this low-impact exercise not only rejuvenates the body but also works wonders in calming the mind. Celeb fitness, making waves both in body and soul.

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