During Summer, These 5 Common Foods Will Keep You Hydrated and Energized

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    It’s time to adjust our eating habits to match the summer season now that it has arrived. We have all gobbled up a variety of fatty, ghee-filled goodies during the winter. However, a change in the type of food is also necessary because of the weather. Your meals should now be pleasant and light, and you should include things that will keep you hydrated for a long time. Of course, you need to consume a lot of refreshing drinks and water. There are other meals that accomplish the same thing.

    Bottle gourd

    The bottle gourd, also known as lauki, is incredibly nutrient-dense and offers a host of health advantages. It is fantastic for the stomach and is simple to digest. Also, it’s estimated that the bottle gourd contains 96% water. If you’re unable to savour the curry, then you might drink it in the morning as a juice. Make a beautiful juice using orange, pineapple, and bottle gourd and enjoy it.

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    To eat zucchini, you don’t need to cook it. It can be enjoyed without having to prepare it. It’s a common ingredient in salads. Like cucumber, courgette is said to be particularly hydrating, light, refreshing, and energising. Also, it is wonderful for your skin.


    Everyone is aware of the lemon’s value throughout the summer. We enjoy drinking lemon juice occasionally to cool down. Lemon-flavoured beverages are hydrating and excellent for strengthening immunity. Make sure you have enough lemon juice on hand during the summer and don’t forget to add it to a variety of dishes for an added kick of tang.

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    Green beans

    Green beans are used to prepare a variety of curries that we serve with rice or chapatis. How many of you are aware that green beans may also help you stay hydrated? Sure, they are healthy, low in calories, and a great source of fibre, vitamin C, vitamin K, and manganese.


    Cucumber is at the top of the list of common foods that help us keep hydrated. It is the most popular hydrating food we are aware of. It is simple to digest, maintains the condition of the skin, and provides the body with a jolt of new vitality. Have it daily with your usual meals during the summer.

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