Arjun Mathur’s Body Transformation Journey in Made in Heaven Season 2

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    After a four-year break, Made in Heaven season 2 has returned to our screens, sending the show’s fans on a binge-watching binge. Both Arjun Mathur’s character, Karan Mehra, and Sobhita Dhulipala’s character, Tara Khanna, are imperfect, and unorganized, but ultimately redeemable. Arjun Mathur keeps bringing life to his deeply layered role with a compelling on-screen presence and a sophisticated approach to his character. The actor’s better physical condition is also evident in the second season, as he appears in a scene at the beach while completely naked.

    To learn more about how Arjun Mathur prepared for the part, we spoke with his trainer, Samir Jaura. The actor has been working with Jaura, a famous fitness trainer, for the past 14 years. Here, he walks us through Arjun Mathur’s workout regimen for his physical transformation in Season 2 of Made in Heaven.

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    Describe the exercise program you created for Arjun Mathur to assist him get ready for Made in Heaven S2. What did it consist of on a daily basis?

    Samir Jaura: We concentrated heavily on agility, flexibility, functional training, core exercises, and strength training for the workout regimen. The exercise program was as follows:

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    Day one: Chest and biceps with cardio
    Day two: Legs and core
    Day three: Back and triceps with cardio
    Day four: Shoulder with functional training
    Day five: Kickboxing with skipping
    Day six: Cardio-based exercises like swimming and cycling
    Day seven: Full body rest

    What exercises did he naturally excel at, and what portions of training him were the most difficult?

    Samir Jaura: The difficulties with Covid-19 were caused by the need for a protracted hiatus in the middle of the change, according to Samir Jaura. I was concerned that he would lose the gains he had made, but he is totally committed. Using the exercises I instructed him to do at home, he kept up his body.

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    He has excellent genetics and incredible muscle memory, making him inherently adept at functional training. His body is formed in heaven, I used to taunt him.

    How did it feel to work with him? What would you say about his fitness philosophy?

    Samir Jaura: He’s always been a serious professional and a fitness fanatic.

    How does his nutrition fit in with his exercise routine?

    Samir Jaura: He consumes carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and lipids in his diet. He was instructed to follow a low-carb, high-protein, and low-sodium diet in Made in Heaven.

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