5 Fitness Tips from Jennifer Aniston

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    Millions of people are always envious of Jennifer Aniston’s “lit-from-within” glow and want to learn the secret to her toned body. It should come as no surprise that, despite our intense fantasies, there is no genie to gift us a sculpted core and washboard abs in an instant. Instead, reality requires hours of exercise and a constant mentality to get a trimmed physique. Jennifer Aniston proves that she has mastered a variety of training techniques to chisel her physique from all sides when it comes to her fitness choices. In a recent project with the company Pvolve, the celebrity lists the exercises she does to maintain her fitness in her 50s. There is the ideal compilation of 5 fitness recommendations from Jennifer Aniston’s Instagram ahead, which you can undoubtedly use as motivation.


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    Stretch consciously

    When it comes to exercising, stretching might seem like a no-brainer warm-up, but when combined with deliberate and repeated movements, it can become a sweaty exercise in and of itself. As Jennifer Aniston illustrates by stretching her legs out in front and sideways, increasing flexibility also improves blood circulation and strengthens your muscles.

    Try practising balance

    Jen shows how to balance training is carried out by doing side lunges while maintaining her balance on a raised platform. Exercises for balance work the muscles needed for stability and coordination, lowering the risk of falls and other accidents while engaging in physical activity or performing daily duties. Since balance training forces you to maintain a strong core, it does wonders for building and shaping your pelvic floor, back, and abdominal muscles.

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    Pilates is recommended

    Pilates is a great form of exercise for a full-body burn since it combines a number of exercises with cardio-inspired and other types of training into one convenient package. Pilates demonstrates to be a one-stop method of training to target various muscle groups at once. Due to the flexibility of the routines and their ability to be customised, pilates is also the ideal postnatal fitness regimen for new mothers.

    Slow and steady wins the race

    You don’t have to solely do intense workouts to get results. Sometimes going the scenic path and taking in the scenery by persevering and delaying gratification also works wonders. In a short period of time, slow motions executed with a mind-body connection can have you buzzing with adrenaline, making for a steamy exercise that only consists of slow movements. Reminder: Don’t judge a book by its cover. Slow movements don’t necessarily translate into slower outcomes.

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    Utilise weight training

    Weight training is a useful strategy to help the body burn calories, despite the common misconception that it should only be done by people with huge muscles. Jennifer Aniston shows off the sweating burn as she begins to squat while holding a weight. Create a routine that fulfils you, makes you feel strong and seductive, and works for you.

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