5 Common Lies We Feed Ourselves

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    The adage “thoughts become things” is well known. However, did you realise that there is science behind it? Let me explain. Our brain’s reticular activating system (RAS) screens more than 2 million bits of information each day, setting off patterns of behaviour based on our ideas and beliefs.

    Our RAS will make every effort to manifest that reality if we are living in a state of self-doubt and negative self-talk. Our RAS will assist in creating a new reality around us through other people, events, and places if we stop believing these universal falsehoods that we all tell ourselves and replace them with empowering new beliefs. It’s so simple to fall into a pit of self-doubt, but by focusing on the straightforward mantras listed below, we will be able to shift our mindset.

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    I’ll list five frequent self-defeating thoughts or lies that we may tell ourselves below, along with some uplifting alternatives.

    1. One such falsehood is, “You (insert word of choice), why did you do that?”

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    Replace it with the phrase: “I release myself from all judgement. I continue to improve and learn from my errors.

    2. The delusion that we hold about ourselves: “I’m not enough.”

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    In its place, repeat the phrase “I am enough. I am meant to be successful.

    3. The self-defeating statement, “I’m a failure. I consistently mess up.

    Substitute “I acknowledge every mistake as an opportunity to learn and come closer to my true potential” as your new slogan.

    4. “I don’t have time for self-care.” This is a lie we tell ourselves.

    In its stead, repeat the following mantra: “My body and mind are the temples where all things are created.”

    5. “I feel stuck,” is a fiction we tell ourselves. My life is meaningless.

    Replacing it with the phrase “Let’s go!” Then the next.

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