5 incredible health advantages of eating almonds with milk (almond milk) during the winter

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    For years, almonds and milk (almond milk) have been a favourite pairing, especially throughout the winter months. The extraordinary health advantages of the healthy pair were outlined by an expert.

    5 incredible health advantages of eating almonds with milk during the winter

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    Remember how our grandparents used to instruct us as kids to eat almonds with a glass of milk? Even though some of us despised it, we all knew it was tremendously healthful. Almonds and milk each have their own set of advantages. This nourishing pair gives a soothing and warming feeling while also providing several health advantages. Almonds are high in beneficial fats, protein, and fibre, while milk is high in calcium, vitamins, and minerals.

    They not only assist us to meet our nutrient needs, but they also repair any outward disorders, such as skin diseases. Almonds with milk become especially crucial during the winter when our immune systems are already compromised.

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    Gauri Anand, Founder of Balanced Bites by Gauri, shares the five benefits of eating almonds with milk in the winter.

    Increases the nutritional profile

    Almonds are high in minerals such as magnesium, vitamin E, and dietary fibre, and just one ounce of milk can improve your nutritional profile. If you follow a vegan diet or have limited tolerance for dairy products, you can substitute almond milk.

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    Vitamin E content is increased

    You no longer have to worry about vitamin E insufficiency with almond milk! Drinking almond milk on a regular basis will boost your vitamin E levels, making your skin and hair seem healthier.

    Improve bone health

    Milk is high in calcium, which is necessary for bone health. Consuming ready-to-drink almond milk can help to enhance or maintain bone health. Almond milk is typically fortified with calcium, making it a good source of nutrition.

    Can be consumed as a low-calorie snack

    One cup of almond milk has just 39 calories and provides satiation. If you’re looking for a low-calorie, nutritious snack to help you lose weight, this might be a great alternative. Almond milk is known to be helpful in weight management as well.

    5 incredible health advantages of eating almonds with milk during the winter

    Improves digestion and enhances nutrient absorption

    Let us tell you that eating a handful of almonds with milk or drinking ready-to-drink almond milk will help keep your GI tract flowing and prevent constipation. This implies it can significantly enhance your digestive system and increase nutrient absorption in your body.

    We hope this post has helped you understand the advantages of eating almonds with milk throughout the winter. Almonds are high in nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin E, and others. At the same time, milk contains calcium, which is important for your bones. If you are suffering from skin or hair problems, almonds with milk are a must-try.

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